Senate Control Still Up For Grabs; Racist Tweets Surge Following Takeover; Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $473M More to Sandy Hook Families

Senate Control Still Up For Grabs

All eyes are on Arizona and Nevada where vote counts are continuing with Senate races that are too close to call. So far, the so-called “red wave” promised by Republicans has failed to materialize. At publish time, Democrats hold 48 seats in the Senate to Republicans’ 49 and 192 seats in the house to Republicans’ 209.

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Racist Tweets Surge Following Takeover

Elon Musk has only been at the helm for a few weeks and racial slurs have already surged on Twitter. The Center for Countering Digital Hate reported today that tweets containing racial slurs have surged to three times the yearly average, slurs targeting trans people increased 53 percent, and slurs targeting gay men are up 39 percent.

Center for Countering Digital Hate

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Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $473M More to Sandy Hook Families

Alex Jones and his company Free Speech Systems were ordered to pay an additional $473 to Sandy Hook families, bringing his total to $1.44 billion. Jones had repeatedly told his millions of listeners that the school shooting that killed 20 first graders and six teachers was staged as a way to enact more gun control.

“The record clearly supports the plaintiffs’ argument that the defendants’ conduct was intentional and malicious, and certain to cause harm by virtue of their infrastructure, ability to spread content, and massive audience including the infowarriors,” Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis wrote in a 45-page ruling.

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