Best Gold Jewelry for Women

gold jewelry

Gold jewelry has always been a universal favorite since the dawn of time. The luxurious appearance and investment-worthy quality of gold makes it an essential metal for durable and timeless jewelry. Most importantly, gold is a tarnish-resistant metal that doesn’t change color, making it perfect for comfortable, everyday use. However, gold is a soft, malleable metal. Most jewelry pieces on the market are made with a combination of alloys to strengthen the gold. That is why, when buying gold jewelry, it is always best to opt for a piece that is in the 10K to 18K gold. 

When it comes to actually selecting gold jewelry, the options may seem endless. Making the right choice can feel like a daunting process. To make the experience more stress-free, it’s always better to go for timeless and classic pieces, such as gold chains. The most popular that has stood the test of time is the Miami Cuban Link chain. The structure of the Miami Cuban makes it a strong and sturdy chain that will resist wear and tear much more than daintier designs. Although these chains are great in terms of durability, they are on the heavier and therefore pricier side. A better alternative is the Monaco Chain™, a hollow yet just as strong alternative to the Miami Cuban. Created with patented technology, Monaco Chain™ pieces ensure that you get the look of a solid-gold chain for a much more affordable price. 

As a starting off point, the Monaco Chain™ Classic Plain Necklace is a great choice. It is a timeless and versatile piece that will suit any outfit, event or location. You can use it to spice up a casual jeans and a T-shirt look, or to add the finishing touch to a night out outfit. At Oro Monaco – Monaco Chain™’s official online partner – you can customize each chain by selecting from a variety of collections, lengths, widths and clasp designs. The Classic Plain chain is basically a blank canvas that you can customize.  

If you prefer to invest in real gold bracelets, Monaco Chain™ also has an array of hollow gold bracelets that will give a glam look without weighing your arm down. A popular option is the Monaco Chain™ Classic Pavé Lock Bracelet, the perfect harmony of a Classic 10K yellow gold chain perfectly complimented with a Swarovski-studded clasp. Alternatively, the Monaco Chain™ Classic Full Swarovski Bracelet is an edgy alternative to a classic tennis bracelet. Although it may feel like a too bold option at first, these chains are stunningly versatile and compliment every wearer.  

Whichever style you may choose, it is always important to purchase gold jewelry from trust-worthy brands. Oro Monaco is a well-known and highly trusted brand for any of your gold jewelry needs. As they are Monaco Chain™’s official partner, Oro Monaco ensures that customers get consistent high quality, the best prices on the market and stellar customer service for any special requests or questions. Shop now at and enjoy your investment!

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