Here Are 5 Smart Devices That Will Make Life Easier for You Slackers This New Year

The purpose of smart homes is to make life more convenient and straightforward. Let’s be honest. There are times when all you want to do is unwind, kick back, and finally accept your laziness.

You can now control every other part of your house from your couch, which is good for you. That is to say, you are no longer physically required to stand up in order to turn on or off your lights, change the thermostat, or even answer the door!

This has all been made possible by the daily influx of new smart home gadgets of all shapes and sizes. This only makes it more confusing when comparing which smart gadget to get, such as the Wemo smart plug vs Wemo mini.

As a result, we’ve provided some key smart home gadgets for your sluggish souls to automate various aspects of your lives.

Let’s roll!

Smart Speakers

For those who are lazy, smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and Sonos One are ideal. These tools let you control your smart home without using your hands.

Additionally, these little devices perform all of your duties using a sophisticated algorithm and a mix of data. They can also be used to mark chores that need to be done on your calendar, allowing you the freedom to not have to recall dates.

Additionally, you can send any inquiries to smart speakers. It doesn’t end here, though. Smart speakers can simplify your life by enabling you to play music, order food online, control other smart devices like your smart home thermostat, and more with just a few voice commands.

Smart Robot Vacuums

There are far too many robot vacuums available today, so gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of time moving a vacuum around your home.

These tools may clean the house in a manner that is practically identical to that of traditional vacuums without taking up as much time. The main benefit and distinction of robot vacuums is that you may control the entire cleaning process from the comfort of your bed.

You only need to tap the robot vacuums app, and your home will be immaculately clean in no time. Additionally, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are very compatible with robot vacuums, enabling voice commands to control the device.

Given that these modern devices can start on their own, you can also create a cleaning plan. With the vacuum doing all your laborious job, you can enjoy your day off!

Automatic Pet Feeders

Pets are adorable, and every pet owner adores their animal. However, there are some days when you are simply too worn out to care for your dogs. Fortunately, they are now pet feeders, which will assist make those times easier for you.

This clever device has finally made it possible for you to delegate to them the task of filling the food bowls because it is capable of doing so for you as well as many other things. The feeding time and quantity of your pet may now be managed and scheduled entirely from your smartphone, thanks to smart pet feeders.

Some smart pet feeders also function well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can issue commands verbally from anywhere in the house. In addition, some of these smart devices contain cameras that allow you to virtually check on your pet.

The Smart Bed

Let’s be real here. Nothing is worse than waking from sleep to discover yourself shivering or sweating. Any other normal person would just get out of bed and change the thermostat’s setting.

But that takes a lot of work, especially if you want to get a good night’s rest. Here is where smart beds come into play. This clever device has many features, including posture control, air chambers, and sleep monitoring.

Your smartphone can regulate the temperature in your bed. Some of these smart beds can also access the internet, enabling you to control other smart appliances. But here’s where the best comes in. This technology allows you to tap your smartphone to automatically arrange your bed.

Smart Pressure Cookers

It makes sense why pressure cookers have gained so much popularity in the last few years. You don’t even need to be an expert to use these gadgets because they are so simple to use.

Now, sophisticated pressure cookers raise the bar on this convenience. They let you control your smart pressure cooker even when you’re not there by connecting to your home Wi-Fi and gadgets like your smartphone.

Through the use of features like the sauté function, you may cook and even sear directly in the pot without needing to grab your skillet or lighting the burner.

All in All

It’s time for you lazy people to let smart technology handle everything! And there is nothing wrong with embracing this incredible new technology as long as you don’t rely entirely on it.

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