5 Possible Reasons Why the Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling The Room Properly

Utilizing air conditioners for everyday use is normal to do nowadays. Most middle-income home-owners have at least one air conditioner unit in their house, which can be used effectively to cool their space whenever the heat starts to creep in. 

Especially in tropical countries with hot weather, utilizing air conditioners is definitely a must thing to do. Most even keep their air conditioner on for a long time, due to the unbearable hot weather. This is not a good practice to do. Because if you use your air conditioner continuously, it can eventually decrease the air conditioner’s capability to cool your room effectively. Some problems that could break down the air conditioner might also arise and affect the unit.

Having an air conditioner which can’t effectively blow cool air is definitely very annoying and disturbing! You won’t be able to get the most out of your investment if your air conditioner can’t cool your room effectively.

There are several reasons why your air conditioner is encountering this problem. By understanding them, you may be able to avoid any major problem that could require expensive service in the future. Here are some of the factors that could be the main culprit! 

The outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature

Air conditioners are very useful machines that can make a big difference in your room temperature. When the days are very hot, you may want to set the temperature of your air conditioner relatively lower,  this means the air conditioner has to work extra hard to achieve the cooling temperature that you requested. If you keep doing this for a long time due to the heat wave, it can eventually lead to major damage to your air conditioner. 

You should also remember that after turning on the air conditioner, you should not immediately lower the air conditioner temperature to the lowest. You need to let your body adapt to the cold temperature first, and also let the air conditioner work slowly to adjust the machine first. If afterward, you still feel that the temperature is still not cold enough, you can eventually reduce it gradually. Try to reduce the temperature of the air conditioner one by one until you feel a temperature that is comfortable enough for you.

The thermostat is broken

When the air conditioner needs a long time to cool a room, another possibility that might happen is due to a broken thermostat. If this happens to your air conditioner, you will have to ask professional help to repair it. 

The air conditioner filter is dirty

One of the easiest but most important parts of air conditioning maintenance is making sure the air filter is working properly. Even a thin layer of dust can completely clog your air conditioner filter. 

Thus, the air conditioner fan has to push air through this increasingly narrow space much harder when it gets dirty. A dirty filter not only will worsen your air conditioner’s performance, but also shorten its lifespan. Depending on the situation and your daily air conditioner usage, you might need to replace your air conditioner filter in around 3 to 6 months. Thus, it is very important to check on the filter occasionally.

Wrong air conditioner size

While you don’t want to get an air conditioner that’s too big and risks a short cycle, a small unit is also not a good choice. It won’t be effective enough to cool a room that’s too large. So measuring your room size before purchasing your air conditioner is important if you want to achieve ultimate coolness inside your space. 

Air conditioner is too old

With proper maintenance, air conditioners can have a long life span to almost 20 years. But if you have used it for such a long time, you may want to eventually replace it with a new one rather than sticking it up to your old unit. Newer air conditioners are more energy efficient than the units which were made a decade ago. It will help you to save money because your monthly electricity cost will probably be lower.

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