Ecarauto Review: Maintain Good Condition of Your Car

The service life of the car depends entirely on how the owner will monitor it. We will try to tell you how to keep the car in good condition for a long time. Some tips will even help you reduce your car expenses.

Of course, nowadays vehicles have become more reliable and at the same time more complicated – there are a lot of issues that you can fulfill by yourself. 

However, there are numerous car repairing service centers worldwide, for example, service center in Dubai. It offers its clients a wide range of high-quality services such as car scanning and diagnostics and car body repair. However, this does not mean that you should rely on highly qualified Ecarauto specialists – you yourself should know about the necessary minimum. What is it for a modern car?

Vehicle maintenance

  1. If you replace the wipers in time, then you can protect the glass from scratches.
  2. Change the brake pads and discs on time. In addition, it is necessary to change the brake fluid 1 time in 5 years. The fact is that the old liquid can boil. If to do it on Ecarauto stations they will control and check these dates. 
  3. Do not use different additives for engines. Oil manufacturers use additives that have already been tested by experiments in production. Bad additives clog the oil channels in the engine, and because of this it starts to overheat and breaks down.
  4. Automatic transmissions do not like to start abruptly, slip and drive for a long time at high speed. You need to scan it carefully since the oil starts to burn and needs to be replaced, otherwise your gearbox will die. To understand that it is necessary to change the oil, you can simply drop the oil on a white and clean sheet of paper, if after the oil has been absorbed there is a black dot, then it’s time to change a little. Also, the oil that burned smells like burnt oil, which is not strange. If you are afraid that you will not manage to fix these problems, Ecarauto will do it!
  5. Suspension. It is about the suspension that is most often deceived at car services. Of course, this is not true about the Ecarauto. If you have a knock somewhere on the left or right, then the pillars of the racks have died. If it starts knocking on absolutely any irregularities, then the racks themselves have died, if it knocks exclusively at low speed and on smooth irregularities, then it is worth replacing the stabilizer struts.If the knock is moderate and does not give at all to the body parts, it means that either the silent blocks of the lever or the ball bearing have broken.
  6. Air conditioning. Turn on the air conditioner at least once a month. Such a simple action will help you extend the life of the compressor. In addition to the refrigerant, it also contains a lubricant, which is designed to lubricate the moving parts of the compressor.
  7. It is advisable to drive with the cooling/heating system fan running. This will help you get rid of dampness and fogged windows in the car.
  8. Change the spark plugs in time. Otherwise, you will have to change the ignition coil or switch with wires. There are no more problems with native electronics. Problems appear only in additional equipment, for example, an alarm system.
  9. Tires. It is worth monitoring tire pressure and tread height. This will shorten the braking distance. Also, if the temperature outside the window is below +5, then it is worth “changing shoes” for winter tires.


  1. Washing. In order to preserve the appearance of the car, it is recommended to treat the body parts with liquid wax after washing. Wax clogs microscopic pores in the varnish and prevents the penetration of dirt into the car coating. When the car is washed in a non-contact way, after the foam is washed off, small particles and grains of sand remain on the body, which are rubbed into the surface while wiping the body with a rag.
  2. Interior. In order to preserve the seats, it is not necessary to put covers on them, since the seats are also wiped under them, as without them. The only benefit from them is that the seats do not get dirty with them, however, now there is a lot of chemistry, so you can wipe off any dirt. In addition, it is more pleasant to drive without covers.
  3. The cabin will always be clean if the owner of the car keeps order. And mats will help to keep order. It is advisable to buy rubber mats, as they better protect the car from dirt and dust, besides they are easier to clean.

Use these tips and your car will say thank you! The Ecarauto service will help you with this!

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