Senate Passes Legislation to Avoid Rail Strike; Supreme Court Upholds Student Loan Block; Biden Acknowledges “Glitches” In US Clean Energy Law

Senate Passes Legislation to Avoid Rail Strike

The Senate passed legislation on Thursday in order to avoid a rail strike. The measure passed the House on Wednesday. The bill imposes an agreement brokered by the administration in September that does not include paid sick days, which is the reason the agreement was rejected by several rail unions. Any strike conducted by rail workers now would technically be illegal.

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Supreme Court Upholds Student Loan Block

On Thursday the Supreme Court ruled that President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program will remain blocked. The court will hear arguments in the case in February with a decision expected by June of 2023.

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Biden Acknowledges “Glitches” In US Clean Energy Law

In a meeting with French Presiden Emmanual Macron, President Joe Biden acknowledged “glitches” in the US’ clean energy law that have raised concerns in Europe. Macron and other European leaders are unhappy with language and incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act that favor American-made climate technology.

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