A Comprehensive Guide to Illinois Food Handling Training Requirements

Food handling training programs are an essential part of any food service establishment. These courses give employees the knowledge they need to safely handle food and prevent contamination, which helps keep customers safe. However, not all establishments have the same needs or the same resources available to them. This is why different states have different food handling certification requirements and general guidelines. Read on to learn more about Illinois food handler training certification standards and how you can meet them.

Illinois Food Handler Training Requirements

When it comes to food handler training, Illinois is a bit of an oddball state. While most other states require food handlers to be certified, Illinois has no such requirement. Instead, the state only requires that food handlers complete a food safety training course. This makes Illinois an excellent choice for those who want to pursue an online food handler course. The only issue is that an online food handler course is not a certification. There is no official food safety certification in Illinois.

Food Safety Basics

Food safety is all about preventing food contamination, especially from pathogens like bacteria and pesticides. Contamination can occur at any step of the food handling process, from storage to preparation and serving. Food safety training is crucial for all food handlers. Including chefs, wait staff, and other employees who have contact with food. There are six basic steps to food safety: – Inspection: Make sure that your food and equipment are safe and in good condition. – Separation: Separate raw foods from ready-to-eat foods to prevent contamination. – Cooking: Make sure all meat items are fully cooked before they are served. – Handling: Use proper tools and gloves to avoid contamination. – Cold Storage: Ensure that all refrigerated foods are stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. – Disposal: Throw away any spoiled food to avoid contamination.

ServSafe Certification

The ServSafe food handler certification is one of the most widely recognized and respected food safety certification programs out there. The program is provided by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. The ServSafe food handler course is designed for food and beverage workers. It covers all aspects of food safety, from the basics to advanced foodborne illness prevention. The course covers topics like the foodborne illnesses, the importance of cleanliness, and the different food handling procedures. It also includes quizzes and an exam. You can take the course at any time, either in a group setting or online. Once you pass the exam, you can obtain a food handler card or certificate that is valid for two years. This card is valid in every state and allows you to work as a food handler in any food service establishment.

Food Handler Card Requirement

In Illinois, employers must provide a food handler card to all food handlers who work at the establishment. The card must be given to the employee before he or she starts work. To obtain a food handler card, the employee must complete a food safety training course. Employees can either complete a course in the workplace or at a recognized third-party course provider. If the employer decides to provide the food handler training in-house, the course must meet the state and local Health Department standards. The course must also be approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Verification of Safer Handling Skills

While food handlers do not have to take a specific course to work in Illinois, employers are allowed to ask their employees to take a test. This test can be used to verify that the employee has the skills needed to safely handle food. As long as the test is administered in a fair manner, it can be used to verify the employees’ safer handling skills.

Food Handler Certification Expiration Deadline

As previously mentioned, you must pass a food handler course to obtain a food handler card in Illinois. However, there is no expiration date on your food handler card. Instead, the expiration date is on your food handler certification. The food handler certification is valid for one year. This means that you must retake the certification if you want to keep working as a food handler in Illinois.


Food safety is crucial for any food service establishment. All food handlers must be trained to follow proper food handling procedures. This helps to prevent food contamination, which in turn keeps customers safe and happy. If you work in Illinois, you can choose to complete an online food handler course or sign up for an in-house training course. You can also take an exam to prove your skills. However, you must retake your course and exam every year to keep your certification valid. If you work in the food industry in Illinois, make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest food handling requirements and training.

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