Here’s a 2022 Guide on How You Can Bet on the NCAAF

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There’s NBA and NFL, but there’s also college football or NCAAF. When it comes to popularity, NCAAF is also right there in sportsbooks across Canada and the United States. So it’s no wonder numerous bettors are interested in how to bet on college football.

If you’re lost and want to bet on college football teams (that only play once a week), continue reading below for this step-by-step guide on how to bet on the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF). 

Step 1: Register on a Betting Website.

Are you interested in college football betting? Then, the first step you should take is to research betting websites with reputable services and offer NCAAF odds. Betting online is also much more valuable since you can get the best of the best odds, and it’s much more convenient than going to the venue yourself! 

So, when looking for a website, it’s important to note that some reputable betting websites don’t offer NCAAF betting. So this means you would need to scour the Internet to find a reliable, reputable website that offers NCAAF betting. 

Once you’ve found a good betting website to satisfy your NCAAF betting needs, it’s time to register and input your personal and banking details. When registering, put only factual information to avoid getting banned from the betting site. 

Betting websites are strict when it comes to the information you input. For example, once you’ve gained your earnings, the betting website must first evaluate your details and banking details. So ensure it’s the same to avoid getting tagged as having multiple accounts from the website, which isn’t allowed.

Step 2: Get To Know the Type of Bets You Can Place.

Once registered on the betting website, you should learn the types of bets you can place on college football. The three basic ways you can bet in college football are point spread, over/under, and Moneyline bets. Continue reading below to learn more about these bets.

  • Point spread – It entails the number of points a college team is expected to win or lose by – the oddsmakers set the points. It’s a great type of bet since it levels the field of competition between two teams, despite their favorites or the underdog. However, this gives underdog teams a bigger advantage to not lose the betting match. 
  • Moneyline – NCAAF Moneyline bets are as easy as it gets; it doesn’t matter if it’s bowl games or rivalry games. Bettors are simply choosing a team that they predict will win the game. 

They will be assigned a Moneyline value based on the implied probability of winning. The teams expected to win the game (the favorites) would have a lower monetary return, but it offers less risk. On the other hand, the teams that are expected to lose (the underdogs) have a higher return on money; however, it’s a much riskier wager.

  • Over/Unders – These bets are also called totals. The totals are the estimated combined points in a game scored between two teams. 
  • Props – These bets are considered the most fun out of this list. It’s because it allows you to focus on something more than the points of a game. In prop bets, you’ll be betting on individual player performances, e.g., who will score a touchdown, who will throw an interception, etc. 
  • Parlays – These bets allow you to combine numerous bets to increase your potential payout. The more bets involved in a parlay, the greater the risk and the potential payout. Parlays require you to place all types of bets to get your payout. 

Step 3: Watch Past Performances!

Have you already familiarized yourself with the types of bets you can place? Well, now it’s time to watch past performances. Watching past performances can help you get to know the teams playing, their strengths, weaknesses, and many more! In addition, past performances can tell you a lot about a team, including their teamwork and if they can conquer other teams.

It’s important to note that when analyzing past performances, ensure that you don’t fully rely on them since these performances are called ‘past’ for a reason. There is a high chance that the team will still improve. Also, numerous factors come to winning a game, e.g., home field, injury reports, etc. 

Step 4: Do Your Research.

The next step you should make is to do your research. You might argue that watching past performances is ‘research’; however, let this page tell you that it’s only a small part. You would have to research numerous things that are pertinent if you want to make an educated bet. 

When placing bets on college football teams, you want to be informed as much as possible. So, be sure to research injury reports, a list of top college football teams, NCAAF betting tips, how to do handicapping, and many more. 

Final Thoughts

Betting on college football teams may be confusing at first, but thanks to pages like these that help you in your betting journey, you’re now more appropriately guided. Don’t get discouraged since there are numerous pages like this on the Internet with just one search!

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