How Does Live Betting Work for Basketball?

Sports betting has foreseen its fair share of critiques throughout history but after a period of sustainability thanks to the efforts from a number of authorities, this vastly popular sector is now well and truly on the rise in terms of active players with live betting being one of the most favorited inclusions that most sportsbooks have since introduced.

One of the many individual aspects of sports betting endeavors is that it has amassed such a widespread amount of popularity with the concept surrounding live betting becoming a pivotal factor towards long-term success.

Given the surge of popularity that this leisure has gained over the past few years, most sportsbooks are now offering numerous services tailored to their active punter’s live betting needs.

Whilst there is now a vast range of available sportsbooks that offer live betting odds, most punters are often unaware as to how many sports that can fully incorporate these types of bets on a regular occurrence throughout many worldwide encounters.

  • A brief history on the development of live sports betting:

The overall concept surrounding live betting was mainly to be incorporated into various online casino outings that featured a virtual dealer distributing cards or chips to any other online players who will be able to utilize an activated interface in order to play their hand.

This has been met with unwavering amounts of success for casino games such as Blackjack and Poker, yet the proposal of adding such amenities into the sporting world was still a very questionable decision for most bookmakers.

One of the first cases for live betting in sports came back in 2002 which allowed punters to place a wager on any such sporting event that has already begun, with this new service being almost immediately met with an unwavering amount of success and positive feedback from active punters.

This early wave of success has now transpired across to all other notable sportsbooks that all offer their own unique take on live betting services, which has stemmed to a mass range of international sporting events that were not previously accessible. 

As sports betting has evolved through smart hub devices such as phones, tablets or other notable mobile devices, so has the overall convenient nature of placing bets during live games from the comfort of a punters own home or wherever they are planning on watching a game, which further adds to the main draw of betting during live events.

One sport that has benefited greatly from such services is the worldwide leisure of basketball which is now a widely wagered sport across a number of leagues during live games thanks to the favorable additions that live betting has brought to the industry.

How live betting works for basketball

Given the fact that live betting is in full operation during an active game, there are many different odds that sportsbooks can offer for punters besides the obvious outcomes.

The simplest of bets for any basketball encounter can stem from who the punter believes will win the game from the active odds that are presented, with these odds due to change depending on how the game is going.

Another way to live wager on basketball is to guess who is likely to outscore the other team at the end of a quarter or regulation, with individual player stats also being considered.

An example of this could include an NBA contest between the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets with the Bucks winning by ten after the first quarter.

Fans can then bet on whether the Bucks will outscore the Nets in the second quarter, and as such head into the halftime interval with a commanding lead or whether the Nets will cut the deficit.

Punters can also bet on whether star names such as Giannis Antetokounmpo will enter half time with a double-double in points and rebounds, as well as if they can estimate on how many points a scorer like Kevin Durant is likely to finish on at the games’ conclusion.

This can be adapted towards overtime games as well as playoff series in guessing on how many games they predict the series will go through and which team will likely come out victorious.

Basketball is focused very much on the analytical side of the spectrum nowadays, meaning that such individual and team stats can be adapted towards live betting odds and wagers for punters to bet with and against.

Given that the betting industry is continuing to take further strides in enhancing a player’s experience when gambling on sports contests, live betting could continue to soar in popularity for various high-profile sporting events such as basketball which leaves many to estimate as to what other amenities this can provide with future advancements.

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