Davante Lewis: He’s Our Man

New Orleans area voters have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to usher in a greener Louisiana with the election of Davante Lewis to the Louisiana Public Service Commissioner District 3. For almost two decades the citizens of District 3 have been represented by someone who is a pawn of the companies that the LPSC regulates like Entergy, AT&T, Cox Communications and many, many others. The current commissioner sees nothing morally or ethically wrong in accepting thousands of dollars from these businesses while also voting to allow them to charge struggling customers more for electricity, gas and even the cost of phone calls made by inmates to their families and lawyers.

Davante Lewis will bring youthful enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and a new sense of fairness to the LPSC. He will fight to make Entergy more accountable; halt further industrial development in Cancer Alley; promote alternative sources of power including solar and wind; and oppose unnecessary rate increases from greedy corporations.

Davante Lewis will work hard every single day to change the culture at the LPSC. He will make the air we breathe and the land we walk on safer and healthier. He will force dialogue on environmental racism and giving back to those who have suffered needlessly from haphazard industrial development. Davante Lewis will make life better for every citizen of Louisiana. Let’s give Davante that chance by voting for change on Saturday, December 10.

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