As the iGaming Market Opens in Other States, Will Louisiana Follow?

The laws from one state to the next when it comes to iGaming can vary considerably, but there is pressure on many of the states that do not currently allow gambling and iGaming to relax the restrictions and allow people to bet on online casinos and other forms of gambling. It’s amazing how the rules and laws can vary from one state to the next.

For example, it is easy to visit WV online casinos, but cross the border into Virginia and you will find that they have quite restrictive laws and there are far fewer options for gambling.

Louisiana also has restrictive rules at the moment, but are they likely to change at any point in the near future?

The iGaming and gambling laws in Louisiana

The laws on all kinds of gambling in the region are a little confusing. Like a number of other states, there are different rules even within different jurisdictions and regions. However, there are some clear rules – for instance, online gambling is not allowed in the region.

Casinos are allowed in the Bayou State, but only in certain jurisdictions. This is also one of the few states that allows riverboat gambling. This means that if the casino is floating on water, you can visit it and gamble. This has also led to certain anchored barges being built in the state that are near the shore and these act as casinos, even if they don’t travel anywhere.

Riverboats aren’t all about gambling and people visit the state to tour around on these boats. The fact that they are able to offer casinos is to do with them being on water rather than within certain jurisdictions in the state.

Video poker is actually allowed within the state but players must be 21 years or over in order to participate in this. The laws vary depending on what kind of gambling you wish to engage in and people are able to go to a dog track, for instance, to bet on greyhounds. So it is not like there are no gambling activities – just no iGaming at this moment in time.

The argument for changing iGaming markets

A number of states and other locations have had success in regulating and opening up their iGaming markets, and while it isn’t without any risks, it is also a very good way to give the local economy a boost. It can increase career prospects in the area, for instance, with a lot of new jobs coming to the state. 

While a lot of other areas of the US still have prohibitive gambling laws, it can also potentially increase tourism to the area. People love to visit locations where they can enjoy gambling and iGaming, so this can provide more of an economic boost to the region. Louisiana is already very popular when it comes to tourism, as it has some amazing sights and is known for its history of amazing music, the stunning Renaissance-style St. Louis Cathedral, a great culture of delicious cuisine and seafood, and for hosting the Mardi Gras festival. 

A lot of states where iGaming has been allowed have generated a huge amount of money in taxes, as they are able to tax the companies that are running the online casinos. This money can obviously be used to support public services and provide many benefits to the local economy. As long as gambling is regulated and there is support for people who might be struggling, the iGaming marketplace should be a positive thing in most locations, if it is handled responsibly.

When might Louisiana open up the iGaming market?

The gambling commission in the state has been very quiet about any potential plans. In fact, at the moment, there don’t seem to be any plans to change things. However, they have been known to stay quiet about potential changes, and it seems the people currently making the decisions are not averse to making things a little more open.

In 2022, they legalized sports gambling in most parts of the state, so there are a huge number of places where people can log into their apps and place bets on sports fixtures both within Louisiana and anywhere else in the world.

This shows that they do recognize the benefits of legalizing certain gambling activities, and while they haven’t currently done so for things like slot games, who is to say that they won’t in the future?

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