Men’s Stylish Rings: How to Choose the Right One for You

men's ring with gemstone

Rings have become an intricate part of men’s fashion lately, which can make it a bit confusing to find the right one for yourself. Don’t worry though, because we have a comprehensive guide to help you avoid mistakes and make an informed decision.

The Right Material

The material of choice should depend on your own budget, preferences, and the chosen ring’s design. Sterling silver is by far the most versatile option here as its natural malleability allows for intricate designs with interlacing and etchings that are much more difficult and often too expensive to manage on more precious metals. Consequently, they also make for the most stylish men’s rings you can buy. Just check this handcrafted .925 Silver men’s ring to get an idea of how much can be done with sterling silver.

White gold and platinum are significantly more expensive, as they are premium metals of high value. However, platinum is difficult to shape in intricate patterns, while 22-carat gold may not be able to have patterns as intricate as those we see on silver rings. Both gold and platinum are far better suited for lifetime events and occasions such as weddings and various anniversaries. Silver, on the other hand, is a more practical and yet exceptional choice of material for men’s stylish rings.

Finger Width

Finger width is a very important consideration for more reasons than one. In fact, the very first consideration should be that of ring size. If you are ordering your rings online, make sure that you look at the seller’s provided chart for ring sizes, before ordering. They often have different charts, based on regional preferences. However, the cm/mm measurements cannot mislead you. If you do not know your ring size for a particular finger, there is a very easy way to determine that on your own. All you need is a piece of string, a pen, and a scale. Check this tutorial on how to calculate your ring size for any finger.

The other reason why your finger’s width is so important has to do more with style. If you end up buying rings that are too bulky for your comparatively slender fingers, it may not be the best decision. The same can be said about men wearing slim rings on heavy fingers. Therefore, be careful with your choice of design and always keep your own fingers in mind before ordering. Your favorite celebrity might have much bigger or slimmer fingers than you.


It is expected that you know what your ring will be representing, before you actually order it. If you don’t, then it’s perhaps better to do a bit of quick research and find out more about the design. Admittedly, a stylish ring is chosen more for its aesthetic value than its inner meanings, but a deeper connection with the symbol or design often makes for a better, meaningful choice.

Aside from these, there is not much else you need to know about men’s rings in advance. Just keep these simple points in mind and choose whatever appeals to you the most.

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