History of Online Casinos in Poland

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A lot of Polish people cannot imagine their life without online casino games, because they are not only their source of additional income but also a way to get positive emotions and the rush of adrenaline. Devoted gamblers are attracted by as Poles say “darmowe spiny za weryfikacj?” and other lucrative bonuses offered by casino developers. All in all, it is really tempting to try out these exciting games and get an unforgettable gambling experience.

Gambling in Poland went through different important chapters of formation, which all contributed to the modern look. Turning to history always helps us get to know more about the past and predict the future. Online gambling is still developing rapidly, but we can go back to the very beginning of its establishment to understand better how this industry became so popular nowadays. 

How online gambling became a favorite way of entertainment in Poland?

To start with, the general obsession with gambling games appeared in ancient times. Although it looked drastically different at that time, it has become one of mankind’s oldest activities and explains the nature of excitement Polish people have now.

The interest in gambling increased with the appearance of a land-based casino in the 20th century and did not fade since then. Rapid digitalization of the world also influenced the gaming industry, so software developers began to manufacture online casino games as a replacement for land-based casinos.

Modern online casino games have got:

  1. Increased safety
  2. High-quality graphics
  3. Numerous payment methods including cryptocurrency.
  4. Cloud services
  5. Applications for mobile use.
  6. User-friendly design

When the Republic of Poland became a full member of the European Union and left behind the ideological things of the past Soviet Union, the gambling industry got a breath of fresh air and took it to a new level. However, the regulatory body in Poland started to take all necessary measures to put online casinos under control and imposed the restrictions on this gaming sphere.

The Act of 19 November 2009 also known as The Polish Gambling Act issued by the Minister of Finance set the main requirements for online casinos. It includes minimum age requirements, issuing certificates, license restrictions, the selection of games, and their advertising and data protection regulations.

Since the passing of this law, casino operators started to deal with some challenges to provide a great variety of casino games and do it legally, because there are strict regulations concerning obtaining a license and security certificates. But nowadays, Polish gamblers are fully protected by the law and can play casino games without fear and doubt.

There are a lot of wonderful platforms available for players where they can enjoy the playing process and have fun.


So, gambling has changed significantly over the last few decades. According to the official data from the Polish Ministry of Finance, online gross gaming revenue exceeded €600 million in the country. These shocking results made Polish gambling the most successful and prosperous gaming industry among Eastern European countries. The information about key changes in the gaming industry mentioned in this article is a good way to get familiar with the most important periods that formed gambling in Poland. 

Online gambling has already outshone land-based casinos because it is a more convenient way to try out exciting games without the need to leave the house to visit casino halls. Also, people prefer online gambling to land-based ones because of the opportunity to earn big money effortlessly.

Moreover, new technologies and innovations for developing casino games are being implemented constantly, so Polish gamblers are excited to dive into an awesome gambling world full of new attractive offerings and promotions. As history shows, casino games have always got people together with similar interests.

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