Can Credit Card Debt Relief Work for Me?

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There are many ways to become tangled in debt, with credit card usage a primary contributing factor. However, rises in the cost of living, as well as the propensity of life to throw unexpected expenses our way, means that the majority of us hold mounting credit card debt that has the potential to become problematic. 

Can Credit Card Debt Relief Work for Me? 

Recent statistics reveal the steady rise in accumulated US credit card debt over the past decade, from around 762 billion dollars at the beginning of 2010, to 887 billion in the second quarter of 2022. 

Deciding to take the first steps towards accessing debt relief involves careful consideration, not only of the available programs, but also of the veracity of companies claiming to offer credit card debt relief services. Let’s look at a prominent industry provider in debt resolution, and ask the question, is freedom debt relief legitimate? 

Custom Card Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is a solutions based service with 20 years of experience providing certified debt consultant services. Its bespoke financial management programs have withstood the test of time. 

The company boasts an impressive portfolio of work, having so far assisted more than 750,000 valued customers settle more than 12 billion dollars of debt. FDR is upfront about its adherence to gold standard practice in relation to helping relieve the financial burden of credit card debt using effective and trustworthy methods. 

It also displays a strong commitment towards ensuring the integrity of debt relief providers across the nation. FDR is a founding member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), as well as an affiliate of the Financial Health Network. It has IAPDA certification, a further validation of its industry credentials, and has achieved a A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Handy Hiring Hints

FDR believes in complete transparency when defining its own services as well as the possible pitfalls that clients can experience when engaging with scam debt relief schemes. 

In considering the legitimacy of a purported debt relief company, FDR urges consumers to select one that doesn’t charge any upfront fees, a practice which is illegal according to FTC guidelines. It also recommends against any company that tries to solicit your business by contacting you first. 

Similarly, any company that instructs you to stop communicating with your creditors is also likely not reputable. As with all circumstances, avoiding the issue will likely only worsen it. In contrast, FDR offers clients instructions on how to maintain appropriate and beneficial contact with creditors that should benefit them in the long term. 

Finally, the company issues a warning to consumers to thoroughly examine the provided contact details of any supposed debt relief provider, confirming its legitimacy via FTC and Better Business Bureau (BBB) listings.

Client Commendations

Freedom Debt Relief provides proof of its own efficacy and standards through robust client testimonials and critical industry appraisals. In fact, a 2023 Freedom Debt Relief Bankrate review evaluates it as a positive debt relief option for people with low credit scores who are experiencing high levels of credit card debt. It notes the company’s no upfront fee policy and its willingness to engage with unsecured debts as advantages of its credit card debt relief program. 

Even with the most prudent planning, established trends show us that you’re more than likely to accumulate credit card debt at some point in your life. 

Can Credit Card Debt Relief Work for Me?

With Freedom Debt Relief it absolutely can, assuming your circumstances warrant debt settlement. Trust in a program that has been successful for more than a quarter of a million Americans, and a company that maintains the integrity of the debt relief industry at its very core.

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