7 Reasons Why You Should Teach English in European Countries

With shorter days meaning longer nights, now could be the time to start thinking about heading overseas to get away from it all. For some, that could be in the form of a well-earned vacation, whereas for others the move might need to be more permanent.

For those even thinking about making the move abroad, pretty much the first decision to take is how to fund that transition, especially in these times of rising prices. One great option is TEFL (or Teach English as a Foreign Language) teaching.

While the world is huge, and there are arguments to be made for going pretty much anywhere, Europe is a continent that is full of allure and attraction for the vocation of TEFL. Below is a list of 7 reasons why Europe is a fantastic choice for the new TEFL teacher, as well as some useful hints and tips on getting started.

Location, location, location

Situated just on the other side of the English Channel, the European mainland is ideally placed to make the transition from working domestically. Additionally, if the TEFL tutor begins to feel a touch homesick, then it is easy to hop on a plane, train or boat, and head back to familiar shores for a few days.

In fact, making a teach English in Germany decision is perfect for location too. Not only is it possible to reach pretty much any other part of the continent from this central hub, there are also so many things to see and do from a cultural, artistic, or even economic point of view.

This makes the adaptation process of living abroad that touch easier, and enables the new TEFL instructor to spend more time focusing on the nuts and bolts of actually teaching the subject. Plus, with an advanced infrastructure, one is never too far from being able to connect with other parts of Europe easily.

A continent full of history

Although some aspects are not taught in class, Europe really does have a weird and wonderful history to look back on. For example, the Ottoman Empire actually reached all the way up to Esztergom in Hungary, before being forced to eventually turn back and retreat.

Hundreds, if not thousands of years of Old World history are waiting around almost every corner, ready to be explored. Indeed, most major European cities are divided into quarters that reflect this very fact, such as the Jewish Quarter that seeks to explore and celebrate that religion’s impact on the continent itself.

There is simply no better way to get to know this history, from the old Habsburg empire in northern Germany, through to the Roman civilisation still very much admired in much of modern Italy today. A new TEFL teacher can easily use their free time to take a day trip or weekend excursion, to get to know the olden times of Europe on a deeper level. 

A climate for everyone

From the sunny Mediterranean, to the cooler climes of the Low Countries, mainland Europe has a weather season for all tastes. This lends itself well to those who have a penchant for any season, like winter sports enthusiasts who want to try their hand at skiing or snowboarding in the Swiss Alps.

By contrast, lazy summer days spent on the beach on Spain’s Costa Blanca (or ‘white coast’, named after the typical sand color there) are an optimal way to switch off from the stresses and strains of daily life.

In between, places such as Luxembourg and central Germany tend to have a climate that is somewhere in between, with more temperate extremes between seasons, and spring and fall temperatures suitable for most. What is more, there is almost always less rain on the mainland in Europe than there is on their island cousins, meaning there is typically less need to pack the umbrella.

Thoughtful neighbors

In a time of ballooning inflation, some countries are taking the extra step to ensure their citizens are taken care of and protected from the worst this winter might have to offer. Partnerships between neighboring nations might allow the traveler to enjoy the best of both worlds, with countries working together to ensure a fruitful and prosperous connection.

One great example of this is Austria and Slovakia, which happen to share the unique distinction of having the world’s two closest capital cities in geographic terms. In this way, despite the fact that Vienna and Bratislava are culturally different, the transport links between the cities are second to none, making the adjustment between them easy to navigate for a weekend getaway. 

Sports entertainment

Reasonably priced sports fare is on the menu across the continent. From football to basketball, and even less known pastimes like handball, there is a sporting event for any fan just waiting to be seen.

In places such as Germany, teams like Bayern Munich have a heavy fan ownership, which means the supporters have a strong say in events going on at the club. This usually translates to more affordable ticket prices, and an experience that overall is made for the everyday soccer follower. Additionally, there is something for every sports fan across the continent, from basketball in Lithuania, to golfing events in France.

Food and drink

Speaking of menus, Europe has a vast array of culinary delights, ready and waiting to be sampled. From fresh seafood on the Galician coast of Spain, all the way through to the home of pasta in Italy, a food connoisseur’s dream can come true across the continent.

Naturally, one needs to consume a liquid beverage while eating this tasty food, and German beers are hard to beat, although Belgian ales do come a close second. For this, no occasion matches the energy and conviviality of Oktoberfest, held every autumn across Germany, but especially in Bavaria.

A common currency

Last but not least, many of the major European nations now all use the Euro currency. This means that less time needs to be spent at the bureau de change, chopping and changing money all the time, and this leads to more time spent enjoying the sightseeing and attractions on offer across Europe. As a result, it is easier to cross borders with a common currency, knowing the value of souvenirs and travel costs without having to pack a calculator.

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