Will the Right Wing of the Republican Party Take Over Washington?

At least for the time being, gone are the days when open-minded Republicans are able to work cooperatively with even-handed Democrats to pass legislation that benefits all of America’s citizens. Many of today’s rising star Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and the embattled George Santos are more likely to act inappropriately and even immaturely to build their popularity and prominence in the national party. 

Outbursts, heckling and jeers often replace civil dialogue. Dangerous and bigoted misinformation and lies flow freely. Chaos rules. America’s core values are in jeopardy. Senate Republican Mitt Romney is term limited and prone to speak the truth when others are unwilling to do so. “I believe that our Constitution was inspired by providence,” Romney told the New York Times. “I am convinced that freedom itself is dependent on the strength and vitality of our national character.”  

As candidates including Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Marianne Williamson line up to defeat President Joe Biden, historian Michael Beschloss wonders whether political leaders will remember that “ethics and morality and good conduct have always been crucial elements of our democracy.”  

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