Roofing Contractor Places Lien on Cantrell’s Home for Unpaid Work

Infinity Roofing and Siding, a national company with an office in Metairie, placed a lien on the Broadmoor home of Mayor LaToya Cantrell and her husband Jason Cantrell on February 14, 2023 for allegedly failing to pay a balance of approximately $20,000 for a new roof. In the court filing, the company said they performed storm remediation work which included the installation of a new roof. The roof was replaced as part of an insurance claim made by the Cantrells. Because Hurricane Ida was a named storm, the Cantrells would have been responsible for a larger out-of-pocket- deductible.   

Infinity began their work in September, 2022. An initial payment in the amount of $8,000 was made to the roofing contractor. Most contractors attempt to collect on past due invoices prior to filing property liens which often delay the collection process. The lien will remain in effect until the Cantrells settle the claim or sell their home. 

The federal government placed a lien on the Cantrell home in 2020 due to unpaid income taxes of approximately $95,000. After negotiations with the IRS, that lien was eventually removed. The New Orleans City Council threatened to garnish Mayor Cantrell’s pay check over her failure to reimburse the City for first-class airline tickets which resulted in Cantrell taking out a loan at Liberty Bank. 

Cantrell also used a city-issued credit card for personal expenses while a member of the City Council.  Apparently Cantrell has a habit of “not paying her debts in private life or public,” said Raphael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.   

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