Let’s Set The Record Straight

It is with great concern that I must address the recent attacks on my character. 

It has become abundantly clear that Voice of the Ex-Offender / Voters Organized to Educate (VOTE) does NOT advocate for redemption and support for formerly incarcerated individuals, as they claim. Instead of applauding the candidacy of a formerly incarcerated woman who has spent decades working to reform the lives of countless families impacted by incarceration, they have turned to speculative attacks on my history, ignoring the progress I have made to be not just an upstanding citizen, but a public servant working to create real. improvements for our community. 

The hypocrisy of VOTE to criticize my past is not only astounding, but reprehensible. VOTE is led by two convicted murderers- Bruce Reilly who beat and stabbed a famed college professor 24 times to his death and fled with his vehicle and credit card – And, Norris Henderson, who along with his brother gunned down a teenager riding her bike to school. I challenge each of them to look in the mirror and reflect on the severity of their crimes before misrepresenting my past in an effort to forward their own political agenda. If an uncheckered past is the litmus test for leadership, then surely these two men and their organization should be the least in authority to offer political recommendations. 

These two grant-hustlers masquerading as reformists make six figure salaries as heads of their non-profits, while the formerly incarcerated people they represent struggle to make minimum wage. 

I have never hidden from my past – I am the subject of an Academy Award nominated documentary based on the lowest parts of my life, and have written two books to redirect and inspire others struggling to make amends. I have always been vocal about the hardships my family has overcome.

Despite the fact that our community sees me as the ideal candidate that VOTE should enthusiastically support, they have chosen to support a candidate who condemns those who have fallen into the crosshairs of the criminal justice system—the very people that Henderson and Reilly are paid to fight for. 

The fact is, VOTE wants a candidate who works solely for them. I intend to work for all the people of House District 93. 

It is quite evident that most local organizations, community leaders, and elected officials have seen the work I have done for this community. The positive impact I have made on the people of New Orleans is well documented. And, according to voters in the general election I am the best qualified, experienced, and equipped candidate to serve the people of District 93. 

New Orleans is struggling. We need solutions – not old school “smear campaigns” and “fake news.” Despite VOTE’s attacks, I came in first in the primary. With your vote on March 25th, I will go to Baton Rouge to secure vital resources for our city, including those who are justice-involved. 

The runoff election will be held on March 25, 2023 and Early Voting is currently available – running 8:30 am to 6 pm every day until March 18th

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