London’s Cops Guilty of Sexism, Racism and Homophobia; Protesters Urge Banks to Dump Big Oil; Covid-19 Impact on Maternal and Infant Health

London Police Officer

London’s Coppers Practice Institutional Sexism, Racism and Homophobic Behavior

Louise Casey, a member of Britain’s House of Lords released a new study that claims a “boy’s club” culture exists within London’s police force that allows behavior that can best be described as sexist, racist, homophobic and misogynistic. Casey, who began her study because of the 2021 murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer, found that the police frequently denied or played down scandals and supported the officers despite the national repercussions of their crimes.

U.S Banks Should Dump Big Oil Say Graying Protesters

A group of disgruntled citizens all over the age of 50 took their concerns about the investments America’s banks continue to make in fossil fuel projects. Called “A Rocking Chair Rebellion,” the seniors set up all-night protests in Washington D.C. at Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and the Bank of America. The Rainforest Action Group identified those four banking conglomerates as having invested $1 trillion into oil and gas projects between 2016 and 2021. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that global temperatures could rise 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit within the next decade. Since the Industrial Age, the planet has already warmed 1.1 degrees Celsius.

COVID-19 Impacts Maternal & Infant Health & Mortality

Maternal health deaths are up 40 percent from 2021 and almost 60 percent from 2019, according to research from the National Center for Health Statistics. The increase is blamed on the effect COVID-19 had on pregnant women and new mothers. The Government Accountability Office separately found that Covid-19 was a contributing factor in at least 400 maternal deaths in 2021. Pregnant moms experienced such Covid-19 related symptoms as shortness of breath, coughing and lung failure which could lead to premature births and long-term health complications.   

NAACP & VOTE.ORG Sue Florida Over Signature Mandate

A Florida law banning digital signatures on voter registration forms is subject to a federal legal challenge by and the NAACP. Also known as “wet signatures,” the mandate applies to 2.3 million Florida voters who are not listed in the state’s driver’s license database and are therefore required to sign their voter registration application with a pen. The Florida Alliance for Retired Americans is also a plaintiff in the suit. Proponents of the litigation says the law makes it more difficult for people of color and older residents to register. Last year a federal judge found Texas’ wet signature requirement violated the federal Civil Rights Act.   

Students at Wellseley College Vote To Admit Non-Binary and Transgender Applicants Including Men

A historic Boston institution of higher learning that has always boasted that they train “women who will make a difference in the world,” is grappling over the results of a non-binding student referendum which seeks to admit every qualified non-binary and transgender applicant, even males. Transgender men have always attended Wellseley, said Student Body President Alexandra Brooks. Wellseley President Paula Johnson, who opposes the change, argues that the school’s mission has always been to educate women. Wellseley has been admitting students who live as women and consistently identify as women since 2015. Students who want to attend Virginia-based Sweet Briar College must present a birth certificate or amended certificate that shows the applicant’s gender is female.  Mount Holyoke began accepting female, transgender and non-binary students in 2014.

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