Louisiana Bucket Brigade Responds to Scalise-Led Energy Legislation

The U.S. House of Representatives’ recent passage of energy legislation aimed at expanding mining and fossil fuel production in the U.S. brought a quick rebuke from the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and similar organizations. Authored by Steve Scalise, the legislation dubbed by environmentalists as “The Polluters Over People Act,” would repeal crucial portions of President Biden’s signature climate legislation. 

“The oil and gas industry made more than $500 billion in record profits last year. Meanwhile the people of Louisiana suffer,” said Anne Rolfes, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. “Every day I talk to either shrimpers and fishermen in Cameron Parish who are watching companies like Venture Global build gas export terminals right on top of their fishing grounds or people in Cancer Alley whose families and friends are dying from pollution. This bill is an outrageous assault on ordinary people in Louisiana in defense of big business.”

Rolfes said the legislation was a “particular affront” to communities of color who already bear the burden of pollution in Louisiana and claims that Scalise “collaborates with white supremacists.” The bill, says Rolfes, puts Louisiana in danger of more flooding via coastal destruction and only serves Scalise’s greedy ambitions.

“We need leaders who will find solutions to the insurance debacle for homeowners, not make us more vulnerable by destroying our coast. We need leaders who will fight for the shrimpers and fishermen who keep our world renowned seafood industry alive and the people who have lived in the River Parishes for generations. Steve Scalise and the Louisiana Representatives who voted for this bill should be ashamed,” Rolfes continued.  She applauded Congressman Troy Carter, the only member of Louisiana’s congressional delegation, to vote against the bill and urged President Biden to veto the legislation. 

Proponents of the legislation claim that restricting oil and gas leasing and prohibiting mining development have caused irreparable harm to those industries. Democrats believe the new legislation removed far too many safeguards.

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