Nevada Workers Compensation 101: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

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Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance provided to employees in most states. 

It ensures that workers who become sick or injured while on the job can receive prompt medical care without being responsible for the cost of such care. 

Nevada workers compensation, like that in any other state, is provided by the employer to cover any employee who works for them. While there are subtle differences in the laws of each state, Nevada workers compensation is required for any employer who has at least one employee. 

Here is what small business owners need to know about Nevada workers compensation.

Nevada is a no-fault state.

The Nevada workers compensation system is set up as a no-fault system. This means that an employee’s on the job injury or illness is usually covered regardless of whose fault the injury was. The only exception to this rule is if the injury was caused by an intentional harmful act or drug use. 

Any employer who has even a single employee is required to provide Nevada workers compensation insurance. Nevada workers compensation insurance must be provided for full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees, including undocumented immigrants and minors. 

Businesses Who Fail to Provide Workers Compensation

Nevada businesses who fail to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees often face severe fines and penalties. They may be required to pay large administrative fines, make up missed premium payments, and they may even have to close their business until they meet the Nevada workers compensation requirements. 

Businesses who fail to provide Nevada workers compensation insurance to their employees may be found financially liable for all costs arising from an on-the-job injury suffered by an employee. In the tragic event that that injury results in severe bodily harm or a fatality, the business may also face criminal liability. 

Are there exceptions to Nevada workers compensation laws?

There are a few exceptions to the Nevada workers compensation requirements, but they are minimal. For instance, a sole proprietor is not required by law to carry Nevada workers compensation if they have no employees, but they may choose to do so anyway for their own protection

Businesses who have enough financial capital to cover any and all claims which may arise from an employee who is injured on the job may opt to self-insure. However, the amount of capital required to self-insure is quite large and it is typically more cost effective to purchase Nevada workers compensation from a private insurer. 

Nevada Workers Compensation

The Nevada workers compensation insurance program is in place to protect both employees and businesses. It ensures that injured employees can get the necessary medical care they need after an on-the-job injury while also protecting businesses from costly lawsuits. If you own a small business and still have questions about the Nevada workers compensation requirements, you may want to contact an insurance provider who can answer your questions. Getting a quote for Nevada workers compensation insurance is free and it can help ensure your business is in compliance with state and local laws. 


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