City Council To Receive Input on Permitting Process and Unlicensed Street Vendors

The City Council’s Community Development Committee will meet Monday, June 26 and receive input from citizens regarding permitting and unlicensed street vendors. Unpermitted vendors pop up throughout the city and often take customers away from small businesses which follow the city’s rules. It’s never easy or quick to get a permit for renovation, signage or new construction, especially for businesses in the French Quarter and other historic districts. 

Councilmember Freddie King III, who chairs the committee, has been considering changes to the city’s permitting process especially in the French Quarter where the rules are especially stringent. King already held one public meeting that was well-attended. Monday’s meeting is a second opportunity for citizens’ city-wide to present their thoughts to councilmembers.  Since the pandemic began, citizens have not been able to meet in-person with staff at the city’s One Stop Permitting Center. 

Other members of the Community Development Committee include Councilmembers Helena Moreno, Joe Giarrusso, J.P. Morrell and Lesli Harris. 

For more information contact Councilmember King’s office at 658-1030. 

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