Saints Fans, It Could Be Worse

A lot worse.

While the folks in St. Bernard Parish worry about whether they will have safe drinking water, the parish’s announced plan is to rely on the Corps of Engineers, The New Orleans Sewage and Water Board and pray. 

With the pathetic loss to the Packers and the news on Derek Carr’s sprained AC joint being optimistic, we should look on the bright side. It’s only a game. Right?

 Leading 17 -0 with 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter, you should win the damn game.

 Winston replaces Carr and does enough to put the Saints in a position to win the game. He had an open field to his right to run for a first down to keep possession on the second-to-last drive. He didn’t. He then had some good passes and some not so good. However, he moved them into position to win with a field goal. 

Chances are Winston will be the starter for a couple of weeks. These are winnable games. But I, for one, am not optimistic. Our OL sucks. Our pass rush is negligible.

Yes, Kamara will be back. Winston will practice all week with the number one. 

Tampa Bay, meanwhile, lost a Monday night game with Philadelphia yet is more potent than expected.

I say New Orleans 17-16. 


The kickers Grupe and Hedley leave much to be desired. It looks as if the coaches made the wrong decision in both of these positions. Former punter Blake Gilliken is no world-beater, but better than Hedley. Lutz missed more than a few kicks last season,  but I feel he makes this one against the Packers.

You have to give Grupe a chance, of course. But he has used his one mulligan. He cannot miss another game-winner from less than 49 again. 46-yard field goals to win the game are kicks you must make in today’s NFL to keep your job.

Injuries are starting to add up quickly. Ruiz, Adebo, Carr, Moreau, Williams.

This team cannot lose two staters a week and compete at a level they need.

It is also noteworthy that Kamara and Maye’s off-field behavior contributed to this loss. A fact that the local mainstream press seems to downplay or not accentuate.

We have a stout defense, but we need to finish these games. In the first two games, we did., If Carr doesn’t get hurt, we win.

However, as Dandy Don Meredith said on Monday Night Football all those years ago

“If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”

Green Bay had the left side of their OL out, and the Saints supplied almost no pass rush.


Before he was injured, Carr looked like the guy we hoped he would be.

Props to Olave; He looks all world this season. 

Props to Rashid Shaheed. I look for him to break a few returns and to make some big plays after a catch.

Alontae Taylor stepped up. 

Kamara is back. Throw him the ball and run him wide instead of running him constantly up the gut.


Will Micheal Thomas be satisfied with his targets?

Saint fans, do not wait for the Corps of Engineers or the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board for answers or help.

If you must and have the inclination, do pray.

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