Saints Week 7 Inconsistent

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“A little inconsistent”.

This is how Dennis Allen describes the Saint’s performance this season.

This doesn’t seem to cover it.

Nor does it have a satisfying ring to it.

I’ve been asked what I think the problem is.

I’ve stated clearly I think the offensive line and more pointedly the selection of the players on this line through the draft is one of the keystones of the Saint’s problems.

I did some research and the Saints have the 6th highest payroll for the offensive line against the salary cap in the NFL. 

Ask yourself. Does this team play as if it has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL?

Let’s say the problem lies with Micky Loomis. He has the best job security in the NFL. so, if Micky doesn’t step up his game we are doomed.

The play calling has been atrocious. The 4 downs at the end with the drop by Moreau and the fade route at the end, were terrible. 

Throwing over 20 yards when you need 4 or less numerous times on 3rd down, is stupid.

Throwing a 3-yard pass on 4th down when you need 8.

Any kid born in the United States knows better than that

  1. Not ramming Taysom down Jacksonville’s throat on that last series, mystifying. Especially with Derek Carr’s failure in the Red Zone,
  2. The choice of kickers at cut-down time. Wrong! Lutz wins the Green Bay game for one. IMO. The punter is not an NFL-caliber punter and Grupe has the ability but he misses the kicks when you need them most.  Not good. When the Falcons kicker lines up for a game-winner you can take it to the bank.
  3. This coaching staff has built an underwhelming product. Almost too late to turn this around but it is possible. Two winnable games put us back into playoff contention. If we do not win this crappy division with this easy schedule. We should clean the house.
  4. Carr has to keep his mouth shut for public consumption and step it up. A lot. He does not have the skins on the wall to act like the second coming of Norm Van Brocklin.
  5. Maybe the Saints should punt on 1st down.


The Saints claim they are not yet on the same page. What? They do not know the playbook? They can’t pick up Carr’s changes at the line? What the hell do they mean exactly?

Carr throws Olave under the bus. What is up with that?

Unacceptable excuses.


The Saints had a makeshift offensive line against the Jaguars. The two best tackles are out with injury. The Saints bench Penning and plugged in Peat at LT where he has not played much lately. Max Garcia in the starting lineup. And Erving from the practice squad starts. 

I don’t know about you but this lineup played at least as good as the original starting 5.

Makes you wonder about paying big bucks to anyone.


The Saints are 12-13 at home in the last three years. 

Maybe that gives the Saints an edge against the Colts. Who the hell knows?

Can’t pick this Saints team to win a thing right now.

Indy 24 Saints 17.

Hope I am wrong. Because if they can’t beat this team hope is not all lost but its GPS is talking in Esperanto.


I tuned in to FOX Sunday to watch the Atlanta-Tampa Bay game. The game was being broadcast in Spanish. If you can’t take it any longer try tuning into a Spanish radio broadcast. If you don’t understand Spanish it might be less painful to listen.

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