Activists Rally at New Orleans’ State of the Port Address to Challenge Trade Ties with Israel

DATE: 11am, Friday, November 3rd, 2023 

LOCATION: Outside of the Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal St 

EVENT: Rally to stop the Port of Orleans’ aid to Israel 

New Orleans, LA — In light of the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians, and in alignment with the decades-long global movement to free Palestine from Israel’s colonial rule – a collective of advocates will gather for a peaceful demonstration outside of the State of the Port Address during the 2023 Louisiana International Trade Summit. 

The 2023 State of the Port address will take place on Friday, November 3rd at the Sheraton New Orleans. This convening of industry leaders will address the future of Louisiana’s port-based trade, with an emphasis on their relationship to Israel. Earlier this year, representatives from the Port of Ashdod, located outside of Tel Aviv, and leaders from five Greater New Orleans business organizations signed a letter of intent to create an “innovation embassy” designed to “spread Israeli innovation overseas.” 

It is essential to acknowledge the concerns of New Orleans residents surrounding the city’s business interactions with Israel, as such engagements further support the Israeli settlement’s ability to colonize Palestine. In solidarity with millions of concerned Americans and humans worldwide, we are advocating for an end to all affiliations with industries that contribute to the continued support and development of the colonial-settler state of Israel. 

About the Organization 

The FRSO (an organization of revolutionaries fighting for socialism in the United States) has partnered with community leaders city-wide to organize peaceful demonstrations across the Greater New Orleans Area in support of the Palestinian cause. 

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