Let’s Choose the Best Caribbean Island to Live!

When you are looking for a place to relocate to, you are usually interested in two basic things: cost of living and safety. There are many other details, of course, but they will make no sense if the place is dangerous or too expensive for you to live in. And that’s where we have to look carefully: a very cheap place to live cannot be safe as safety relies on infrastructure first of all. Infrastructure costs something, and this money usually comes from taxpayers. Even if you live in a low-tax jurisdiction, the prices in shops may be higher, for example, and that’s where taxes are hidden. In this post, we will talk about the Caribbean islands that can be both safe and affordable.

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Caribbean States Where Prices Are Affordable


Want to live among tropical forests, hot springs, and nutmeg plantations? Welcome to Grenada! Enjoy the warm basins where the water temperature reaches 35 degrees thanks to the underwater volcano located nearby. Admire the stunning flower fields, visit numerous places of interest, and finally come here to stay! Grenada offers a citizenship-by-investment program that you can take advantage of.

Let’s look at the prices in Grenada:

  • Look for a place to live before you arrive – in this case, you will have a chance to find options that cost 30 to 35 US dollars per night. 
  • The plane ticket from the USA will cost about 200 US dollars.
  • A three-course meal will cost 20 US dollars in popular tourist places and 10 US dollars in some less visited ones.
  • Alcohol is not very expensive.

Dominican Republic

The country’s economy is based on the tourist and financial sectors, and they are developing at a great speed. The Dominican Republic provides an opportunity to easily obtain a residence permit, and the costs are quite affordable. Real estate is not very expensive, so you will definitely find a reasonable option.

Here are the approximate prices:

  • A hotel room will cost from 30 US dollars per night
  • Two persons will need no less than 1,800 US dollars to live here.
  • Food is quite cheap: a lunch in a local restaurant will cost 10 US dollars or a little more.
  • Finally, you can use special offers or low-costers to fly from the USA at 100 US dollars.

The Dominican Republic offers a citizenship-by-investment program, and you can find out more about it on our portal or by booking a session with our expert.


If it is important for you to live in a country with an English-speaking population, opt for Belize. This is also a wonderful place for those who love history as the island was once the heart of the ancient Mayan civilization. You will easily integrate into the local society as there are a lot of expats and digital nomads here.

Let’s look at the local prices:

  • A couple will need 2,000 US dollars a month to live comfortably.
  • Mind that local products are usually sufficiently cheap, while imported goods (including food) are quite expensive.
  • The flight from the USA will cost as little as 150 US dollars.
  • If you enjoy living in unity with nature, you will hardly find a better place than Belize.
  • Food will not cost much here: a meal in a local restaurant is 19 US dollars on average.
  • If you are on a tight budget, look for the most affordable accommodation in Belize (hotels or Airbnb options) that will cost from 30 to 40 US dollars per night.
  • Buying or renting real estate is an easy procedure, and we highly recommend that you invest in it: the risks are minimal, while the payback period is not very long.


Curacao has close ties with the Netherlands, which resulted in a higher level of safety and comfort. It is definitely not the cheapest place to live in the Caribbean, but you can still find reasonably priced accommodations and cafes. No matter whether you like a relaxed rest by the sea or active tourism, you will find something for yourself here.

The prices are as follows:

  • If you enjoy Caribbean cuisine, the meals will not cost much (20 US dollars per person). If you prefer international restaurants, the prices are higher there.
  • The beaches are not crowded at all, which is a rare thing in the Caribbean region.
  • Accommodation is not very cheap. However, there are hotels or hostels that will offer you a room for 30 US dollars per night.
  • The plane ticket from the USA will cost about 200 US dollars.
  • The weather is good all year round, without any unpleasant seasons.
  • If you enjoy sailing, kitesurfing, or windsurfing, you will find excellent conditions for them in Curacao.

Puerto Rico

This Caribbean country is also referred to as the Island of Enchantment, and it is the global rum production center where you can buy the drink at a low price. If places of interest are your top priority, you’d better look for another jurisdiction. However, if you need one of the best places by overall characteristics, opt for Puerto Rico. The nature here is simply stunning, so you are sure to fall in love with the country!

As for the prices, they are approximately as follows:

  • A lunch in a restaurant will cost about 20 US dollars.
  • You can fly to Puerto Rico from the USA at 125 US dollars, or even cheaper if you use a special offer.
  • You will find a lot of bars here that suit every taste.
  • If you want to live in a hotel near the beach, be prepared to pay 50 US dollars. However, the accommodations near the island center cost much less.

Want to know more about the Caribbean destinations? Please follow the above link to visit our portal or get in touch with our expert. We will choose the best country for you free of charge!

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