Saints Leading Division After Win Against Bears

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Saints win ugly to take over sole leadership of the division.

Winning ugly is an interesting concept.

The Saints victory over the Chicago Bears qualifies if for no other reason than the fact that  the Bears relinquished 5 turnovers,  Still the Saints only eked out a 7 point victory.

Scoring in American football is misleading, something we tend to forget.  7 points is 1.

14 points is actually 2.

Meaning, you score a TD you kick the extra point you end with 7 for one score, which means you’re not 7 ahead you’re more like 1 ahead, Because 1 TD brings the other team even. 14 points is then by this way of thinking 2. You’re not 14 behind, You’re 2 behind.

A field goal meanwhile is approximately a half point in this calculus.

So, we didn’t exactly utilize the turnovers to our best advantage.

Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win and I’ll take it by .001 if that was possible.

And it is troubling going forward that when the chips are down, I feel we cannot count on our placekicker. Grupe obviously has the physical tools and ability to be a very good kicker, but he misses the pressure kicks.   

However, the Saints performance overall this season has not exactly instilled confidence that they are a team destined for the playoffs. And this is even in a crappy division and a cupcake schedule.

Patience is the byword. We are improving but is it fast enough?

Anything short of the playoffs is a failure for the 2023 Saints.


As I said last week offensive line coach Doug Marrone deserves credit for finding answers to the Saints offensive line woes. The protection for Carr has improved greatly. Run blocking could be a bit better and we don’t seem to open large holes for the running game like some of our opponents do.

Carr with time to throw looks better and better and with so many QB injuries it is of special note that Carr answers the bell every week.

Paulson Adebo was all over the field with 2 interceptions, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

Taysom Hill at 33 is a throwback to Dutch Clark and hi ilk, look it up, and is a wonder. Enjoy it while it lasts. There is a lot to enjoy when Hill takes the snap and goes for 7 or 8 yards when they know he is coming.

Although the Saints defense has been sleepwalking through the first half lately they closed out the game by sacking Bagent the Bears rookie QB. Closing out games on offense or defense has been a frustrating  deficiency for many years.  This team is better on both sides of the ball which is a positive development and somewhat refreshing after a whole game of fan anxiety.


Why do they still not throw the ball short to Michael Thomas on a slant on 3rd down.

Kamara needs more touches.

Marcus Maye had a couple of plays early in the game that were baffling. Both plays allowed the Bears to get first downs.

Even an idiot like me could see it happening in real time. Listening to Deuce McAllister describe it on the radio he asked the question? “Marcus, what are you doing?”

Me,I only pay $320 to go to the games so obviously I don’t know.

The Saint’s defense has regressed in my opinion. They are not consistent, and the Bears were opening huge running liners for their backs and their WRs were open by yards not feet on many plays.


Dennis Allen showed some fire in his post-game press conference, Only thinking it was aimed at the press. 

I for one would like to see Allen address the failures on the field with a little more oomph.


Saints go to Minnesota to play a Viking team with a new QB.

Dobbs if you don’t know it is probably one of the smartest players in the NFL. He led the  Vikings to victory and he didn’t even know the playbook yet,

In recent years we usually lay an egg against the Vikings. We need to get the defense playing like the top 6 defense from the opening snap.

Alas, Dobbs has got good wheels and the Saints , like a lot of teams, have beaucoup trouble with mobile QBs.

The Saints are better than the Vikings on paper, 

But I just can’t pick this Saints team to win this game, 

Minn 24 Saints 20 (or  .4 points in my system from above.)

Hope I’m wrong. Good news, I’m wrong a lot. 


When a team fires a coach in mid-season the team usually responds with a good performance in their first game with new coach.

Something to keep an eye on if you wager on the games.

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