RollinOn3 Motorcycle Club Awards Honorary Membership to 10-Year-Old Shooting Survivor Chloee Williams

NEW ORLEANS (November 22, 2023) – The New Orleans Chapter of the RollinOn3 Motorcycle Group will surprise 10-year-old Chloee Williams on Saturday with an honorary membership into their organization. At the age of seven, Chloee was shot as she was sitting outside a relatives home in the St. Roch neighborhood on November 24, 2020. While she remains paralyzed, she has not lost an ounce of personality or creativity. Three years after the day that forever changed her life, Chloee will be celebrating the launch of her business, Chloee’s Creations, selling custom jewelry and braiding hair for kids for free as a way to give back.

In honor of her strength, perseverance and charitable spirit, RollinOn3 New Orleans will award Chloee with the honorary membership during her launch event at the City Park Playground Saturday, November 25 at 1:00 p.m. Chapter President Cederick Favaroth, who lost his right leg after a high school football injury, said Chloe’s journey has touched him and their chapter in many ways.

“I relate to Chloee because I was also young when I had a traumatic incident that changed my life forever. Our stories are different in that she was injured due to gun violence, but her resilience and strength is a reflection of my own,” Favaroth said. “Our Chapter is rallying behind Chloee as we get out into the community and fight against gun violence because we have members who have lost their sons to gun violence in New Orleans. This is very personal to them as they are still dealing with the loss, and they are living through Chloee who survived her shooting.”

The vision of RollinOn3 New Orleans is to establish a community of like-minded individuals working together to achieve common goals, rooted in community service, youth outreach and building a family environment for all members. Saturday, the group will also host a NOLA Senior Day for the residents of the John J. Hinkel, Jr. Home and Rehabilitation Center that will include a bike show, bingo, games and prizes. The group will also be adopting three families for Christmas to provide some extra cheer for families in need this holiday season.

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