Saints Hold Fate of the 2023 Season in Their Own Hands

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?The Saints open a 7 game stretch Thanksgiving weekend with a game against the Atlanta Falcons.

The game is a pick it game. However most analytics and prognosticators pick the Saints to win.

The Saints have performed better on the road as of late and all things considered I think the Saints should win this game, I’ll call it Saints 23-Atlanta 17.

But, if it comes down to a FG to win or lose the edge goes decidedly to the Falcons. The Falcons kicker is money in the bank. The Saints kicker, not so much.


The Saints schedule remains easy. Having said that there are no gimmes in the NFL. Any given Sunday and all that.

In a weak division If the Saints do not make the playoffs they have no one to blame but themselves.


The Saints by most measure have underachieved.

Carr has not been an improvement over Andy Dalton. Certainly not for the money. Carr has been horrible on 3rd down and in the Red Zone,

I do chalk up some of his deficiencies to the fact that the offensive line has underperformed. If they give him time he plays well enough to win. IF?

If the Saints defense shows up. Lately the defense has only shown up for about half a game. If the Saints defense can regain some consistency we should win 4 or 5 games out of our last 7. IF.


Here are some salary cap question for you to answer and by answering them we can perhaps ascertain how this Saints team ends up 5-5 as opposed to 7-3.

Carr, is the 12th highest paid QB in the NFL. Carr has the same salary as Aaron Rodgers.
Is Derek Carr the 12th best QB in the NFL? Is he comparable to Aaron Rodgers?

The Saints Offensive line is the 8th highest paid OL on NFL.
Does the Saints OL play anywhere near like the 8th best line in NFL?

Cameron Jordan, 2 sacks this year. Jordan is the 8th highest paid edge rusher in NFL? Is he,the 8th best edge rusher in the NFL?

Does our pass rush seem like a top pass rush?

Alvin Kamara is the 2nd highest paid running back in NFL.
Kamara is a great player but do the Saints use him as much as you might think the 2nd best running back in the NFL would be?

Coach Allen said he saw things he can improve on during the bye week to get his defense playing back to the level they are capable, Which would be great. If so I think we have a great chance to make the playoffs. But what if they don’t regroup and play better?

Pete Carmichael, he throws long when he needs 3 yards. He called that pathetic QB sneak against the Bears with Taysom Hill sitting around somewhere on the Saints bench. Carmichael has dialed up so many failing plays in the Red Zone it almost defies probability. Is he a problem? Matt Canada got fired in Pittsburgh and they have a better record than the Saints.

Is Pete Carmicheal a little too esoteric in his play calling?

Final question.

If the game is on the line who would you choose to kick the field goal?
Blake Grupe or Will Lutz?

You make the call.

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