Saints Continue on Road to Mediocrity

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Watching the Saints play is akin to water torture.

Let’s start by saying it isn’t my fault.

If the Saints can kick 9 Field goals every game they can make it to the Super Bowl.

Wondering if Mickey Loomis has the receipt for the money he paid for Derek Carr. And are returns allowed?


Now that I have that out of my system.
Take a deep breath.

The Saints are still tied for first place in this awful division.
I know the writers all say we are in second place due to tiebreakers, but tiebreakers only come into play at the end of the season, and you’re tied. We still have 6 games to go, which means if we win more games than Atlanta we go to the playoffs. For all the good that will do us.


Denis Allen has none. Carmichael has none. Carr has none.

Carmichael, after Ryan Ramczyk loses a shoe, is replaced with Landon Young at right tackle. Pete Carmichael calls a pass. Young is overwhelmed by the Falcon rusher Carr is sacked. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel as if Carmichael needs to move to Denver sooner rather than later.

If I had a dollar, as they say, for every time that Deuce McAllister has questioned a call by Carmicheal in real time on the radio this year, I would be rich.


Everyone knows we are abysmal in the Red Zone. How awful?
Chew on this stat. In the last 32 quarters of Saints football, we have 3 TD passes. 2 by Jameis Winston and 1 by Taysom Hill. That would then be 0 for Derk Carr.
Carr did throw one to the Falcons.


Bad, for starters.

Even Alvin Kamara doesn’t know.
Question? Is this the performance that Mickey Loomis expected from the players he has supplied to Denis Allen? Of course not.
Do you hear Loomis taking the blame for any of this? I don’t think so.
In fact Loomis says we have the team to win and we will.
Ok? When? 2031?

So, the question is -are the players that bad? Or is the coaching that bad?

These press conferences by coaches and players are pathetic.


Over and over, we have heard that the schedule is easy. It is. Incredibly easy. Yet, we are under .500.
If we do not win the division, this is a total failure. Coaches, players, and front office.


From the beginning of this game, it appears as if the Falcons wanted it more. Period.
Arthur Smith showed emotion, Allen, not so much,


The defense still plays well enough to win,but they are getting worse, not better.
The injuries are racking up. If we can’t win with our best players, how the hell are we going to win without them?

The Lions should annihilate the Saints. But you never know. You must be optimistic. We may just win.


Detroit 24 Saints 12. If we’re lucky. After the Lions game, we have all winnable games. Where have you heard that before? Everywhere a word is written about the Saints this year, that’s where.

Perhaps when we get inside the 20-yard line we should put Winston in or Hill as QB.

I, as a fan of this team, am thoroughly disgusted.
And I am going to do the only thing I can at this point. I will refuse to buy OOFOS.

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