Saints Season on Life Support

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As the dust settles on the poor, or at least wildly inconsistent, performance against the Lions, the Saints season is all but over.

Yes, if they win out, they go to the playoffs. If Tampa Bay and Atlanta implode, the Saints can go to the playoffs.

But, who, in their right mind, thinks the Saints are going to win the rest of their games?

If you look at the tiebreakers, the Saints season is over.


The Saints-Lions game revealed a few things about this Saints team.

Some bad and some good.

Jimmy Graham can still catch TD passes.

Juwan Johnson is not the answer to any question the Saints need answered in the affirmative.

Derek Carr is far superior to Jameis Winston as QB.

Derek Carr lost the fans and started to get them back until the OL allowed him to be crushed. Again.

Andy Dalton, at a much lower cost, would have given the Saints just as good an outcome at this point in the season.

Some of the Saints, namely Micahel Thomas, need to stay off social media.

Large numbers of Saints fans are bailing. I don’t blame them. The product this season has been awful. All the blue Lions jerseys in the Dome last Sunday are indicative of the discontent.

As are the boos.

The Saints better get used to the boos.

The Saints have no home-field advantage. This is as embarrassing as the Saint’s performance.

One good thing about this game was that the Saints didn’t give up. They got back into the game. If Carr was not injured, and that idiotic fumble on the snap did not occur, we might have won this game.

Jamaal Williams, the beignet-hating free agent RB is of almost no use at all.

This team is mediocre at best.


Williams, Carr, Moreau, Sheppard, Saunders are underwhelming at best.

The 2023 Draft class is not much help on a team even with injuries piling up.


If Carr can’t play, our playoff chances are about zero. Winston is not the answer. If Winston is the QB going forward I would not be surprised if we lose to the Giants and maybe even the Panthers. The Panthers are, along with the Patriots, one of the two worst teams in the league.

Carr is following the concussion protocol. For the sake of Carr’s health, it would seem wise to let Winston start, but that lowers our chance for success considerably. That is unless Winston can throw a pass or two that is at least a few light years closer to our receivers.


IF, a big IF, we win one more game than Atlanta going into our final game against the Falcons, we can get into the playoffs by simply winning that final game.

Of course, we have to, like, win.

I’m trying to look on the bright side,

All in all a really bad job by Mickey Loomis putting this roster together, and a not-so-good job of coaching by the entire staff.

Close to time to blow up this roster. But with the salary cap issues that looks like one more crappy season away.


The boos may be the most impactful issue going forward. If the Saints continue to lose the boos will get louder. The home games will be replete with other teams’ jerseys, which means, like it or not, the Saints will have to fire Dennis Allen

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