Saints Gamble in Los Angeles Backfire

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Was that Ted Lasso coaching the Saints on Thursday Night Football?  You know, a soccer coach? Or say you are an NFL coach with your season on the brink of failure or success. 

Who do you emulate in your offensive strategy?

A)Vince Lombardi

B)Bill Walsh

C)Bill Parcells

D) Brandon Staley

The answer if you are Dennis Allen is – D-Brandon Staley. Staley, 4th downed himself out of a job with the Chargers.

For the record, I think Dennis Allen is a good dude. But, it just doesn’t seem to work. Having said that, it appears that Allen will be back. Unless the Saints collapse in the final two games.

The Saints went into a pivotal game Thursday night to resurrect their season. A season that has been bordering on pathetic when you consider the schedule and the conference they play in.

Allen says he went in with an aggressive mindset. Field goals were not going to win this game.

Ok, but going for it on 4th down deep into the 2nd quarter with less than 2 minutes on the clock and the Rams with 3 timeouts left, after your team stunk up the joint and you found yourself only 3 points down near the half near midfield, is not the strategy of someone who is paying attention. You punt!

You don’t go for it with the incredibly horrible plays they tried to execute. If you are going to be aggressive in a game like this you might want to put in some plays that have a good chance to work.

The efforts on those 4th down plays were awful. Just awful.

If, and I know, If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts -we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

You go in losing 10-7 at half in a game in which you have played poorly you are thankful. Instead, you hand the Rams an opportunity at mid-field to score a TD. 


The Saints now have to hope that everything goes their way to get into the playoffs.

Good luck with that,


Many fans want Dennis Allen fired. Most talking heads in the media think this will not happen in the Mickey Loomis and Gayle Benson-led organization.

It has been reported by one major outlet that the Saints are prone to stand pat in 2024 with Allen due to the salary cap and such. Maybe so.

I have a news flash for them. If the Saints play the same mediocre brand of football they have this season in front of the home crowd, and If they continue to get sacked on 3rd down after 3rd down, and Carr throws passes that no one on earth could catch on those same decisive downs, well, then, the boos will be loud, lusty and unmerciful.

The fans will fire Dennis Allen. Otherwise 2024 will be a replay of 2023.  


Who was not on the field during the crucial 3rd and 4th down plays against the Rams?

That would be Jimmy Graham, Elvis Presley, Shirley Temple, among others,


Mickey Loomis. Trevor Penning, Treaty Hendrickson, Kaden Ellis, Marcus Davenport, Patyon Turner, Derek Carr and Caesar Ruiz gets an extension. Trading up for not much in the draft.

Again, Loomis ain’t going anywhere. He has the safest job in America. 


After the Rams game, Jordan is quoted as saying. “There are no excuses”( for Saints).


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