Independent Music Artists Are Adopting AI More Than Ever

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Ditto Music have published data showing that 60% of independent musicians were using AI to create new music in 2023. 77% of artists said they would be open to using AI when generating album artwork, and 66% would use it to master music. Only 47% said that they would use AI to help with songwriting. With just 28% of people saying that they would not use AI at all, current data shows that AI is on the rise within the independent music sector. Artificial intelligence isn’t just changing the way that artists create music, it’s having an impact on live gigs too.

AI-Powered Songwriting Tools

AI-powered songwriting tools, such as AIVA and Amper Music Songwriter can help musicians to generate new chord progressions, lyrics and melodies. AI-powered tools, such as Band-in-a-Box can create musical arrangements, with Presonus’ Notion helping musicians to dial in their song structure. The ability to replicate traditional instruments or even generate new sounds entirely is proving to be a game-changer for the music sector. It’s not the first time that the entertainment sector has been radically changed by AI either. When you play online slots, you’ll notice that they too are powered by AI and that as a result of this developing technology, developers have been able to create new and exciting themes, pushing boundaries while creating new experiences for gamers. Random number generators can be used to determine the outcome of the game too, revolutionizing the casino sector as a whole.

Photo by Thibault Trillet / Pexels

AI Used Across Entire Music Sector 

AI isn’t just being used to create songs. It’s also being adopted by venues across the world. AI-driven tech is helping to enhance the experience in real-time. AI can be used to predict concert setlists, while dynamically adjusting lighting. The level of customization ensures that every concert caters to the preferences of each audience, as bands make their way across the world. 

In the digital world, streaming platforms have also changed how music is distributed and consumed. As music moves to the cloud, it’s not surprising to see new technology being adopted, with AI being at the forefront of the experience. Algorithms generated by AI can analyze user behavior as well as preferences. Listening patterns can be documented to curate a personalized playlist, which helps to introduce listeners to new artists as well as genres.

Tools that include Apple Music’s Personalized Radio and Spotify’s Discover Weekly all use AI to recommend songs to users. This is all based on their listening history as well as user preferences. This not only benefits listeners by expanding musical horizons, but it also provides a powerful tool to help independent artists reach a whole new engaged audience.

With AI having such a radical impact on the music sector, it’s not surprising to see that artists are changing the way that they work to keep up with current trends. It could even lead to some new and exciting developments later down the line, including potential breakthroughs in the amount of content artists can generate per year. 

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