Saints 2024 Free Agent Report Card


Are the Saints of 2024 better than the Saints of 2023 after this year’s first blush of free agency?

The Saints are constrained in free agency because of the Saint’s strategy of kicking the can down the road, as it pertains to the salary cap.

Every year sees contending teams get these bargain stars in trades, Christian McCaffery to San Francisco or Jalen Ramsey to the Rams. 

The Saints are not in the hunt for these stars because signing them would put them over the salary cap.

Mickey Loomis must crave mediocrity.


The Saints lost Yiadom, a big loss. Zach Baun, not much of a loss. Malcolm Roach was a significant loss. Jameis Winston, good riddance, Michael Thomas was cut. Good.


Are we better at QB-No, about the same, or a little worse? I do not want Winston on my team. He did nothing to help us win in 2023 when he had his chances. Nathan Peterman? No.

The Saints are high on Jake Haener, but of course, that remains to be seen.


Kamara continues to disappoint. Miller showed flashes last year. Free agent splash Williams is a bust. Kamara was at the root of the Jamies Winston take-a-knee TD debacle. He needs to hitch a ride with Michael Thomas. 

 Kamara is one of the highest-paid RBs in the NFL Does he produce like it? No. 

 RB’s position is worse than last year.

Taysom Hill, of course, adds value to the running game, but it always amazes me how the Saints rarely get a good 2nd runner on the roster.

No improvement. Juwan Johnson came on a bit late in the season, maybe he is now ready to bloom.  Taysom Hill became a better receiver last season. Moreau can make plays. Jimmy Graham retired with his goal line value. TE a wash.



Peat finally played well at left tackle.  He is probably gone. We need to draft an LT in the first round. Lot of good prospects to choose from. Move Penning inside. Free agent Osiaemeka Udoh is a good pickup. You do not need a stud. You just need someone competent; Udoh I think is that. 

The offensive line is a wash.



Chase Young, his lack of hustle is a problem. His neck injury is a problem. We now have, like, 578 defensive ends. But Chase is pre-injured. It is our Defensive End brand.

Cam Jordan, hope he was hurt last year, otherwise, he is on the wane. Granderson is solid. Kpassagnon is pretty good. Payton Turner? Even Nostradamus does not know. 

Nostradamus did not know about Payton Turner in 1555, and he sure doesn’t know in 2024. And do not forget Foskey.

California Psychics should help with the Saints draft. 

Defensive End -Better.


Roach is gone. Not good. Bresee played well, but not up to a number one pick level. He improved over the season, and compared to Penning, he was a huge success. Compared to Payton Turner, well, he was a success. Shepard and Saunders are solid if not spectacular.

Defensive Tackle- Not as good as 2023.


Added Willie Gay, He won’t set the world on fire, but he is an upgrade from Baun.

LB -Better than 2023.


We lost Yiadom. Ouch!

Lattimore, Taylor, Adebo, Mathieu, Abram, Amadi and hopefully another Safety or corner added somehow. 

Defensive backfield – a wash.

Meanwhile, the Falcons signed Kirk Cousins. Mayfield and Evans resigned with Tampa Bay. Carolina stinks.

Kicking game-no improvement.

Grupe and Hedley are below the league average in productivity.

They still have $12 million under the salary cap after all these moves. I expect one or two more moves.


LT in the first round.

Some interesting and intriguing WRs might be available in round 5.

Brendan Rice, Jerry Rice’s kid, Stoops from Oklahoma, and Christian McCaffery’s brother Luke among them.     

These guys have Cooper Kupp written all over them.

Me? After free agency, the Saints look like an also-ran.

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