Weekly Horoscope // May 26th – June 1st

Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for maximum accuracy!

Aries: If you are feeling compelled to speak your mind this week, let those words flow! You will be experiencing a wave of clarity around wounds that were created in your past, and how they are still affecting you today. You are ready to speak up for yourself and create the changes necessary to improve your happiness and well-being. Many of you will be feeling particularly pulled to initiate changes in your finances, and this is a great week to do it!

Taurus: This week could be a bit complicated for you socially, but the odds are in your favor! Spend time with those you love, and keep an eye out for those who may not have your best interests in mind. A loyal friend may reveal the true intentions of another. Truth be told, you probably picked up on that shady energy already- but now you will have the confirmation you need to distance yourself. The support you receive from your true friends will outweigh the transgressions of others.

Gemini: Your emotions could take an unexpected turn this week, and you might find it difficult to connect with others. Allow some space in your schedule for alone time to rest and recharge! You might find it constructive to channel this emotional energy into something that will further your career, but be mindful of the first impressions you’re making around this time. As the weekend rolls in, turn your focus toward the pursuit of pleasure. You’re likely to make some new discoveries there!

Cancer: There is much to gain by leaning into your shadow this week! You’ve been trying to put your most professional face forward, but take a risk and see what happens when you let that mask slip away. Censoring yourself won’t be rewarding, but allowing your authentic magnetism to speak for itself will. Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus on Friday, Venus’ day, in your house of social connection could bring a very fortuitous but sudden opportunity. Be ready to grab it with both hands!

Leo: Now is the time to really start making a name for yourself! You have an opportunity to connect with others in a unique way that is truly beneficial to all parties. You will be in a good position to find common ground with people from all walks of life and create a bridge between opposing views. Use this power for good, and you will find it rewarding not only on a basic human level, but it could also boost your career and public image.

Virgo: If you’ve been feeling tensions rising in your relationships, whether that’s romantic tension, resentment, or just uncertainty around where you stand, this week is a good time to clear the air and define exactly which parts of your relationships need room to grow. Chances are, you’ll feel much better after talking about it! Insecurities could be influencing your perception of the relationship, but some simple reassurance will make a significant impact if you ask for it. A little vulnerability will go a long way!

Libra: Resisting change in your relationships will not serve you well! Right now you may be clinging to old patterns out of fear of moving forward into unexplored territory. Someone you love could be offering you some feedback or criticism that you are reluctant to hear, but it is truly in your best interest to listen and allow it to change your perspective. Where you have been is no longer comfortable, so why stay there? Push through the fear to get to the good stuff.

Scorpio: A new connection could help you make your dreams and ideas a reality! You’ve got the creative juice, and someone not too far away has the experience or resources to bring your creations to life in a tangible way. This could be someone totally new to you, or someone familiar that you haven’t yet connected with in this way. Lean into the excitement, but remember to carefully analyze the agreements you’re making before they’re finalized. Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus could throw you a curveball, but it’s no match for your perceptive Scorpio eye.

Sagittarius: Some self discipline is needed this week! Someone in your life may have been picking up your slack without you realizing, but it becomes apparent when they start to let it go again (this is especially true in regard to household tasks or relationships with people you share a home with).
No worries- these relationships will remain steady if you honor them! Creating structure in your life does not have to mean building a cage for your free spirit. 

Capricorn: Now is a great time to find a creative outlet for the emotions that are surfacing this week. Many of you will be revisiting memories from early childhood, especially in relation to your mothers. For those of you with children of your own, Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus in your 5th house brings the perfect energy to fuel your endeavors to break generational cycles. If you are child free, this energy can be directed into any creation of your choosing. Turn your attention toward your inner child and let their voice be heard!

Aquarius: If you were a bit lax with your spending when Venus entered your 5th house and formed a sextile to Neptune in your 2nd house last week, you might be feeling the consequences hit your pockets this week. If you’re truly in a bind, help may be available from a family member- but be prepared for them to level with you, especially if this has become a frequent issue. If you have been otherwise distracted from financial and familial obligations, prepare for a rude awakening.

Pisces: Try your best to avoid people pleasing, passive aggressive communication styles, or falling into codependent patterns of behavior. This week will challenge you, but if you rise to the occasion it is also a great time to reclaim your independence and autonomy! If you’ve been feeling used or taken for granted, those feelings will refuse to be ignored any longer. Don’t let fear of confrontation keep you from speaking your mind! Speak your truth gently if you must, but do right by yourself.

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