Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for maximum accuracy!
Aries: Your quick wit is at an all time high this week! You are ultra perceptive right now, and your ability to read people is razor sharp. Use this intellectual boost wisely, especially in your social life- your influence is expanding, and you are attracting even more attention than usual. Whether you’re turning up your playful charm or leaning into your shady side, it’s working for you. A scathing read will be just as effective as a compliment- it’s all in your delivery.Taurus: Weigh your financial decisions carefully, especially toward the beginning of the week! You’re likely to see an increase in cash flow soon, and it’s burning a hole in your pocket before it even hits your account. Avoid impulsive spending! Carefully calculated financial moves could help you to expand your bank account even more, so opt for the long game. As your finances begin to improve, others will notice as well. A friend may ask to borrow money- proceed with caution, but offer assistance as you see fit.

Gemini: Major planetary activity is popping off in your first house of self! Kicking off the week with your ruling planet, Mercury, entering your sign on Monday, any lingering energetic blockages from last week will really begin to loosen up. Your overall energy and confidence will continue to escalate throughout the week, peaking on Thursday during the New Moon in Gemini. Use this energy to jump start something new, whether that’s a budding friendship or crush, a passion project, or a career goal.

Cancer: Your inner world is seriously active this week! As Mercury enters your 12th house, you’ll be in your head quite a bit. This is a critical time for healing and processing emotions, as well as receiving intuitive downloads from your higher consciousness. Discernment between intuition and insecurity or anxiety will be crucial! Letting your intuition guide you is in, negative emotional reactivity is out. Pay close attention to your dreams this week- they will hold important symbols and messages!

Leo: As if you weren’t the star of the show already, your social life is absolutely thriving this week! This is a great time for dating, networking, making new friends, or just going out and having a great time with your loved ones! Toward the beginning of the week, this energy could have an especially powerful impact on romantic relationships or business partnerships (whether you’re seeking something new or building upon an established connection). As the weekend approaches, avoid the temptation to gossip- Venus will form a square to Saturn, which could get a little bumpy.

Virgo: Now is an amazing time to start making those long awaited career moves! You’ll be feeling extra confident in this area of your life, but you could be feeling a bit resistant to change in your daily routine. These changes will disrupt the schedule that you have become comfortable with, but they will ultimately bring you closer to the achievements you’ve been dreaming of! Remember to make time to prioritize your relationships as well. If an important conversation must be delayed around the beginning of the week, be sure to check back in by the weekend.

Libra: It’s time to plan that vacation you’ve been dreaming about all year! If you can take the time off now, seize that opportunity and indulge in your recreational activity of choice. Or take some time to rest if you feel so inclined- but these planetary influences are likely to have you in a playful mood. If you’ve been flirting with a long distance love interest, you’re likely to see some new developments there as well. Your practical obligations will return to compete for your attention again this weekend, but until then, party on!

Scorpio: Planetary activity in your 8th house of transformation will have a profound effect on your relationships this week. The intensity in romantic relationships is building, and true intimacy is being established. Trust is built in your platonic relationships- now is a great time for bonding, squashing any existing tension, or releasing old grudges between friends and family members. There will be a special emphasis on parent-child relationships, so whether you’re seeking connection with your parents or children of your own, you can expect to feel a stronger bond by the time the week is out.

Sagittarius: Any miscommunication in your close relationships will be highlighted during the beginning of the week, but as the New Moon in Gemini convenes with Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in your 7th house of partnership on Thursday, you will reach deeper levels of love, understanding, and trust. If you’ve been feeling hesitant about making romantic commitments, now is the time to let your guard down and express your love very intentionally through consistent action.

Capricorn: If you’ve been feeling like your daily life needs more structure, now is a great time to introduce a new routine or productive habits! This will be particularly beneficial for your mental and emotional health, but also for your finances. Reworking your budget or cutting back on your vices will reduce your stress and free up a lot of mental space, allowing you to focus on creating positive change!

Aquarius: Nurture your inner child this week, and have fun! Creativity, pleasure, and romance are at the forefront of your mind. If you’ve been having trouble with finding the right ways to express yourself, your ideas should be flowing much more easily this week. Practice new methods of creative expression during the New Moon on Thursday, especially if it involves writing, speaking, or singing- and if you feel tempted to change up your personal style, go for it!

Pisces: This week will bring a new beginning in your home life, especially during the New Moon in your 4th house on Thursday! The catalyst for this change has been brewing for some time now. You will likely find yourself taking on extra responsibility, especially as a mediator between family/household members that just can’t seem to communicate effectively. If your dreams are more vivid than usual, they could bring you some useful insight regarding these incoming changes.