Wake the Dead! Woman Who Died in Hospice Found Alive Again at Funeral Home, Dies Again

June 3rd, 74-year-old Nebraska native Constance Glantz suffered a series of unfortunate events. Living out her final days in hospice care at The Mulberry at Waverly nursing home, she was recently pronounced dead by staff at 9:44 AM. What happened next was quite remarkable.

After a 25-minute drive, Glantz arrived at Butherus, Maser and Love funeral home in the city of Lincoln where the staff began preparing her body for funeral services. Surprisingly, one of the staff noticed that she was breathing. At 11:43 funeral staff called 911 indicating they were giving CPR to what was supposed to be a dead body.

Lancaster County Police and the Lancaster Fire Department arrived and transported her to a nearby hospital. Two hours later she was once again pronounced dead.

While the Lancaster County Sheriff’s office made it clear that the funeral home did nothing wrong whatsoever, what preceded it at The Mulberry at Waverly nursing home is being looked into.

Today the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference. According to Lancaster County Chief Deputy Ben Houchin, “The Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon has ordered an autopsy. That will be performed today at 10 AM.” He added, “So that everybody knows, the results of the autopsy can take up to 12 weeks for the final results to come through.”

While Houchin did not name anyone at fault, he said that there were people they needed to contact “…in the nursing home. The people who transported her.” He said they had not spoken to everyone that they needed to to complete the investigation.

Saying that Houcin had talked to Glantz’s friends and family about them having to deal with her death (again) he said, “I can’t imagine what her family has went [sic] through, and we are really really sorry for them to have to do that.”

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