Weekly Horoscope // June 10th – June 16th

Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for maximum accuracy!

Aries: Mars is finally leaving your sign and entering Taurus this week! If you’ve been feeling frustrated, irritable, or taken for granted these last six weeks, that feeling should begin to subside a bit as Mars enters your 2nd house. Moving forward, channeling that pent up energy into your financial goals will feel like a constructive outlet. If you’ve left any important feelings or concerns unexpressed after last week’s New Moon, get it off your chest now to ensure a clear path forward!

Taurus: Now is a great time to work on healing any wounds surrounding your confidence and self esteem- this week’s transits will provide some insight on where you are subconsciously drawing your own value and self worth from! With Venus as your chart ruler, many of you will find that you have been measuring your value by your financial success, social status, or physical beauty. As Venus in your 2nd house of value forms a sextile to Chiron in your 12th house of the unconscious, any instability in your self image presents itself to be healed.

Gemini: As Mars enters your 12th house, take care not to allow subconscious motives to control your actions. With the current stellium of planets in your sign and the aspects they’re making to planets in your 10th and 11th houses, you’re likely to be feeling some conflict between how you view yourself and how other people are experiencing you. The 12th house is often called the house of self undoing- Mars’ transit through this area of your chart brings high energy and aggression, so be extra mindful of how you are treating others this week!

Cancer: For the last few weeks, you have turned inward to reflect on the deepest parts of yourself and which of those parts needed to be brought to light. This week, you will begin to feel more prepared to come out of your shell and face the world again. When you do, your true friends will make themselves known. Lean into these friendships now- if you have been struggling to find purpose, they will guide you to it.

Leo: While your social life has been especially active recently, you’ve likely made lots of exciting new connections! Some will grow to become lasting friendships, lovers, and business partnerships, but others are already proving themselves to be more trouble than they’re worth. Don’t ignore the red flags! Allow misaligned connections to reveal themselves, believe them at face value, and distance yourself accordingly. Be careful not to let FOMO cloud your judgement!

Virgo: Current developments in your professional life will require you transform on a personal level- and while this may trigger some anxiety for you, there is another part of you that is growing to appreciate this expansive time! Rather than perceiving this phase of your life as a disruption, you are beginning to see it as an opportunity to learn and explore, which will make the experience much more enjoyable. Rather than being an affront to your practical nature, it will open up new channels of expression!

Libra: You have entered a period of dramatic personal growth and transformation! In some ways this will be very exciting for you, and you will find the creative and intellectual inspiration that you have been chasing for some time. In other ways, you will be challenged to grow beyond the perception of yourself that you’ve become most comfortable with. You may feel torn in different directions now, but the truth is that these paths are not mutually exclusive! You will benefit most from surrendering control as these transformations take effect.

Scorpio: Romance and sexuality are the most dominant forces in your life this week, and you will likely be feeling even more passionate than usual! If these fiery influences become overwhelming, you may need to find new outlets for this energy to be expressed. Sexuality and creativity exist on the same wavelength, so find a way to express yourself creatively this week! Romantic relationships will either become more passionate or more turbulent as Mars enters your 7th house. Remember, the choice is yours!

Sagittarius: Contrary to your usual fast paced nature, you may feel the need to slow down this week. Listen to what your body is telling you now, and give yourself some time to rest and recharge. Be careful not to push yourself too hard during these next six weeks as Mars transits your 6th house! Ignoring fatigue could quickly lead to burnout. Your romantic life is getting especially cozy now, so take this time as an opportunity to spend some sweet nights in.

Capricorn: Your sense of responsibility is almost always stronger than any temptations you might encounter. But right now, as Mars enters your 5th house of romance, pleasure, and creativity, you will feel a rare desire to cast your obligations aside and chase after whatever (or whoever) has captured your attention. This could be directly in conflict with home or family focused responsibilities, which unexpectedly adds to the effect of feeling like a teenager in love again, and sneaking away from home to meet your love in secret. Allow yourself to enjoy it, even if it feels a little silly.

Aquarius: This week is stirring up some unexpected feelings and reflection around your family and early childhood! This could manifest in a multitude of ways- maybe you’re getting back in touch with the things you loved most as a child, or maybe you’re hashing out a long history of tension with a family member that began when you were young. Whichever way the current takes you, set your intentions for the week to be the kind of adult that your child self would have loved and admired.

Pisces: As Mars enters Taurus in your 3rd house of communication, you are feeling quite unlike your usual passive and adaptable self! If you have been making too many compromises for the sake of others’ comfort, now is the time to put your foot down and start setting some healthy boundaries. You might be more assertive than usual, which will surprise those around you. Those who benefit from your self sacrifice will not always be receptive when you begin to prioritize yourself. Do it anyway.

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