Weekly Horoscope // June 24th – June 30th

Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for maximum accuracy!

Aries: For better or for worse, old feelings and memories are resurfacing for you this week- specifically relating to your family, childhood, and financial insecurity. Try not to repress the urge to talk about it! This week’s transits offer huge potential for healing emotional wounds and resolving generational cycles. Reconnecting with family could have an additional financial benefit as well when Venus forms a sextile to Mars in your 2nd house! A safety net is being built for you now. Better late than never!

Taurus: This week you may find yourself wondering how you can best serve your community. Something has triggered a deep passion in you, whether it’s a major event in your local community or global affairs as a whole. You’ll be feeling a number of conflicting emotions, but rather than being overwhelming, they are guiding you toward a strong sense of clarity around your life’s purpose and your role in your community. This week’s transits make it easier than usual to articulate your thoughts- use your voice for the greater good!

Gemini: Some tension is rising in your career and financial affairs, and your adaptability is being put to the test! An unexpected change begins to take effect at the beginning of the week when Venus in your 2nd house forms a semi-square to Uranus in your 12th house. Lean into your community for support, whether that means seeking advice or more hands on help. Allow yourself to receive the support you need, even when (and especially if) it’s uncomfortable.

Cancer: Your social circles are growing rapidly right now, bringing you the opportunity to meet and learn from lots of new and interesting people! Your interactions with others are mutually expansive, and your influence on your community is especially strong now. Additionally, now is also a great time to reinvest in your pursuit of knowledge, whether that means studying something completely new or advancing on your current educational path. This is a critical time for building your legacy, so put yourself out there and make your mark!

Leo: Use discernment when disclosing details about your private life this week! You could be on the receiving end of some unwanted attention- normally you love to be the star of the show, but prying eyes are more persistent than usual and it feels like others are invested in your life for the wrong reasons. If you’re harboring secrets that are weighing on your spirit, now is not the time to confess! It could have an adverse effect on your reputation. Confide only in those you truly trust.

Virgo: Step outside your comfort zone this week! Indulge your curiosity and try something new, especially in relation to dating and socializing. You’re likely to be invited to plenty of group outings to places you wouldn’t normally visit, either locally or even on a trip to somewhere far away! Toward the beginning of the week you may be hesitant to accept these invitations, but by the weekend you will be feeling intrigued by the idea of making new connections and ready to accept a challenge.

Libra: Playing (and working) well with others will serve you well this week! The current transits are highlighting your professional relationships, as well as your personal relationships and how they interact with your professional life. Someone close to you will be offering some important insight, and you may be reluctant to hear it if it challenges your current routine. If you’ve become stuck in your ways, expect a disruption when Mars in your 8th house forms a semi-square to Neptune in your 6th house this weekend.

Scorpio: Creativity and romance are the focal topics of this week’s planetary influences in your life! You’ll be challenged to think outside the box in your relationships, and if you rise to the occasion your efforts will really pay off! Friends and partners may introduce you to new relationship philosophies (or vice versa) and maintaining open an open mind will lead both parties to greater fulfillment and deeper understanding of one another. Get creative with the ways you express your love- it will be fun and rewarding!

Sagittarius: Transformative change is taking place in your relationships, especially as they relate to your home life! If you’ve recently moved in with someone new, this week’s transits will draw attention to the ways you might be struggling with the intimacy of sharing living space. Otherwise, a relationship with a loved one may be echoing a pattern from your childhood or family of origin in ways that are not always easy. The good news is that choosing to navigate these issues together consciously will bring you closer than before!

Capricorn: There may be some conflict within important partnerships this week- whether romantic, platonic, or business. While you’re ready to lock in and get serious about what maintaining this partnership looks like practically, the other party might prefer to “go with the flow”. To you, this may look like a lack of accountability for their role in the relationship. Keep communication open around this issue, but choose your words carefully- especially when Mercury forms a trine to Saturn in your 3rd house of communication on Wednesday.

Aquarius: Now is a great time to take a look at your spending and rework your budget to create a healthier relationship with your finances. Don’t be afraid to seek help with this task if you need it, but be prepared for some tough advice depending on who you ask! A family member may offer their valuable insight, but they won’t hold back the criticism either. If you’re in need of a reality check, this could be the wake up call you needed. Otherwise, take what’s useful and leave the rest.

Pisces: Since the Sun, Mercury, and Venus have been transiting your 5th house of creativity, self expression, and romance, you’ve been feeling yourself and it shows! Continuing to lean into what brings you joy will make an amazingly positive impact on the way you engage with mundane, everyday life. Remember that the whimsical doesn’t always have to be separate from the practical! Find new ways to sustain this energy long term, and weave magic into even the most monotonous of tasks. Boredom is the enemy!

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