Opinion: Why Joe Biden Should Step Aside for the Sake of Democracy

In the wake of Joe Biden’s deeply troubling debate performance last night, it is time to consider an unthinkable but necessary action: President Biden should step down to prevent Donald Trump from reclaiming the White House and further dismantling our democratic institutions. Let’s be clear—Trump’s performance was riddled with lies and exaggerations. However, this election is not just about truth and policy; it’s about perception, and Biden’s faltering display has done little to inspire confidence. 

Joe Biden has been a highly effective president with a commendable list of accomplishments. Yet, despite his substantive achievements, voters increasingly view him as old, frail, and incoherent. His frequent stumbles and lapses during speeches fuel these perceptions, overshadowing his policy successes. The reality is that elections are as much about the candidates’ image as they are about their platforms. Unfortunately, Biden’s debate performance only reinforced concerns about his capability to serve another term. 

While Trump’s showing was abysmal, marked by his usual disregard for truth, he at least managed to project coherence. In contrast, Biden’s struggle to articulate his thoughts and maintain his focus was glaring. This debate was Biden’s opportunity to assuage the electorate’s fears about his age and stamina, but he failed to do so convincingly. 

Biden has consistently trailed in swing state polls, making it imperative for him to deliver a strong, reassuring debate performance. Although he held his ground on substance, his delivery was lacking, leaving many to question his fitness for another four years in office. The harsh truth is that the election hinges on these perceptions, and Biden’s performance did not instill the necessary confidence. 

For the sake of preserving our democracy and preventing a second Trump term, Joe Biden should step aside. It is a difficult and unprecedented step, but it may be the only way to ensure that the Democratic Party can put forward a candidate who can effectively challenge Trump and restore faith in our democratic process.

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