Weekly Horoscope // July 1st – July 7th

Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for maximum accuracy!

Aries: Saturn has stationed retrograde in your 12th house with Neptune to follow on Tuesday, stirring up some deeply buried emotions. Just before Mercury enters Leo it will form a trine to Neptune, creating the perfect conditions for a week of vivid dream activity- so keep your journal close, because you’ll want to write these ones down! Keep an eye out for themes surrounding your family and early childhood. If you’re overdue for an important conversation with a family member, make it a priority this week!

Taurus: This week begins a 5 month long transformation within your social circles as Saturn stations retrograde in your 11th house. Last week’s transits encouraged you to reflect on your role within your community, and how you can best align with your values. This week, take a look at those around you. Are the people you’ve surrounded yourself with also in alignment with those values? The answers will begin to reveal themselves as illusions fall away when Neptune stations retrograde on Tuesday.

Gemini: Tensions that began to rise in your career last week will call for some serious introspection in the coming months! A goal you’ve been chasing might not be all it was cracked up to be, and this revelation will have you considering a change of plans. Saturn and Neptune’s retrograde transits through your 10th house will guide you to confront the underlying issues that have triggered this change and reconcile with the sacrifices you’ve made in pursuit of achievement. Remember- your efforts may still be fruitful elsewhere!

Cancer: If you’ve been evading your soul’s calling in favor of a less complicated path, Saturn and Neptune will command you to answer that call now. All obstacles that lie between you and the fulfillment of your life’s purpose will begin to fall away, which could make for an uncomfortable but exhilarating journey! If financial security has been a major barrier for you, this issue will likely begin to resolve itself as Mercury enters your 2nd house and later forms an opposition to Pluto in your 8th house. An unexpected financial windfall may provide the support you need to pursue your dreams.

Leo: This week, deep personal and existential truths will be revealed, setting the tone for the next seven months. Last week’s transits called attention to any secrets you may be keeping from (or for) those closest to you. This week’s transits will emphasize the weight of this burden, and the impact it has had on your life. Alternatively, if you have no secrets of your own, others’ truths may be revealed to you. As daunting as this may seem, this series of events will lead to spiritual liberation and peace of mind.

Virgo: Venus’ transit through your 11th house has given your social life a much needed boost since its entrance two weeks ago- but just as you’re starting to get nicely settled in the new connections you’ve made, Saturn and Neptune stationing retrograde in your 7th house bring some confusion into the mix. Over the next seven months you may struggle with clearly defining your relationships, oscillating between the desire to let them unfold without expectation, and the need for structure and predictability. Take care not to rush into commitment!

Libra: A major lifestyle shift is in order as Saturn and Neptune retrograde through Pisces in your 6th house! Something is prompting you to take a serious look at your daily habits and how they are affecting your mental and physical health, and overall wellness. If you’ve been neglecting self care, Saturn will swiftly remove all means of justification for these habits and pave the way for a healthier lifestyle! Neptune’s influence can cast an idealistic veil over new goals- remember to create balance with slow, incremental change!

Scorpio: Starting now, and for the rest of the year, cosmic forces are clearing space for more joy in your life! Stressors in your daily life will finally begin to take a back seat as your focus shifts toward a more creative and playful outlook. As Venus in your 9th house forms a trine to Saturn on Tuesday, consider planning a vacation! Even if your current circumstances don’t allow you to take time off quite yet, intentionally planning some down time in the future will give you something to look forward to.

Sagittarius: For the past few weeks, planetary transits have highlighted issues surrounding your home life and family of origin- whether that means a change in housing, or interpersonal relationships with family or housemates! This week, Saturn and Neptune station retrograde in your 4th house, emphasizing your need to create a safe space of your own. If you’ve been feeling reluctant to settle in one place, these transits will challenge you to lay down roots and cultivate new grounding practices.

Capricorn: While your efforts have recently been focused on more far reaching pursuits, Saturn’s retrograde transit through your third house calls your attention back to your immediate community and platonic connections, and encourages you to relax into a more casual vibe for the rest of the year. If you’ve become overly invested in ambition, you might find that it’s created a disconnect in your personal life (like accidentally speaking to your friends in industry jargon). Take this time to recenter yourself with those that matter most!

Aquarius: Tensions surrounding your income and spending habits are reaching a peak as Saturn and Neptune  begin their retrograde cycle in your 2nd house for the next 5 to 7 months- while this transit may be stressful, it can also inspire lasting change for the better! When Mercury enters Leo in your 7th house, you’ll have an opportunity for a fresh start in your relationships. Now is a great time to express your love and start important conversations about commitment!

Pisces: This week, you have two major planetary retrogrades beginning in your first house of self! This means you can expect some significant positive shifts in not only your self perception, but the way you treat yourself as well. If you have a bad habit of making yourself responsible for the feelings and actions of others, Saturn will challenge you to release yourself from this pattern while Neptune shatters illusions of low self worth and negative self beliefs, especially relating to productivity, responsibility, and commitment.

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