So What the Hell is a Black Job?

It crossed my mind that it would be neat to write a piece about Trump and what constitutes a black job. After writing nearly 800 words of unpublishable bilge, I thought better of it. As a white, I’ll tell you what I told myself: No fucking way.

The truth is maybe, just maybe, I could write a really great satirical piece if I were black. But even then, black people have been calling out other black people for joking about this. It turns out, if you’re poor and struggling in an increasingly competitive technological jobs environment, it’s just not that funny listening to really rich artists and comedians crack jokes about it. Go figure.

Maybe if Trump would have the balls to admit what he considered to be a “black job” that a highly exaggerated number of illegal immigrants could easily take, we could have a conversation there. We could discuss how Trump has been, and always will be, a racist, and how little he knows about life beyond his nepo baby life experience. But he won’t tell us what a “black job” is, because he can’t.

The truth is, we’re at a proud place in our history where there are no black jobs, no white jobs. They’re just called jobs. Anyone who tries to talk about this from a humorous angle is going to be called out as racist or, at least, had better be Eminem.

The End

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