The Competition

July 18, 2018

Nolan Storey – Editor in Chief / Contributing Writer Glory.  Failure. These are the only options.  There are no other choices.  One man would leave in glory, and the other; if he were able to leave at all, he would leave in failure. The competition was only days away and Louis Latterman was finishing his […]

Pirate City: 2060

July 11, 2018

So do our walls, The wetlands die, Amidst the calls, For environmental reforms, For stricter relations, Anything to save us, From the conquering worms, This gulf. This river. This sea. Rising up around us, until our precious boot, Ceases to be. Only by boat, Can you reach us any longer, Our earthen moat, These levees […]

Cocktails and Epic Fails

July 11, 2018

Glory.  Failure. These are the only options. Well not really.  There are actually many possibilities in between.  Glory and failure just seem to be the most exciting experiences to talk about.  However, the elusive awesomeness of the hybrid, glorious failure, is always worth recounting.  Over the next several pages, or about half an hour of […]

Frenchy, New Orleans Icon

July 1, 2018

On a humid Wednesday afternoon, I stroll into the courtyard to The Maple Leaf, where I am told Frenchy, the uniquely talented artist and all around classic, endearing, New Orleans character is to be found. I enter the pleasant outdoor enclosure behind the bar which, I learned later while conversing with Frenchy was yet another […]

Portrait of a New Orleans Author: Patty Friedmann

July 1, 2018

In the words of New Orleans’ own, Patty Friedmann, “All fiction has a sort of autobiographical element to it, and if you don’t see that, you’re lying.” Ms. Friedmann does not shy away from this reality in her body of darkly comic literary work, and lucky for her readers, her history makes for some rich […]

Profile of a New Orleans Artist

June 1, 2018

I began painting while receiving instruction from a local community center artist and teacher shortly after graduating from college. I developed some sensibility for abstract expression from a former teacher on Oak St., Miriam Lilje, and her studio – Atelier Mimi. One of my favorite painting projects with her started out as a realistic image […]

Moving to New Orleans

June 1, 2018

Open my eyes See freedom in front of me, Humidity and knowledge given for free. I was the story of suburban man, I was ignorance I was in shadow I did despair. But knowledge is freely given To those who seek it without fear. And ignorance can be cured, Once in darkness, I now dwell […]

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