Could Locally Recycled Glass Be Used To Rebuild Lincoln Beach?

July 7, 2021

While sharing a bottle of wine a few years back, Franziska Trautmann and Max Steitz commiserated about how much glass was ending up in New Orleans’ landfills. They also cared deeply about coastal erosion. Both Tulane University students at the time, Louisiana-born Trautmann- who subsequently graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, and New Yorker […]

New Sales Tax Proposed by Republican Legislator Aimed To Address Federal Levee Failures Is Fraught With Legal Issues, Morrell & Others Say

April 21, 2021

Former state Senator J.P. Morrell said today that Senate Bill 226, if approved as written, could likely end up in court because it would force Orleans and four other parishes to pay for the costs associated with an agreement that was negotiated between state and federal government. Morrell previously chaired the state Senate’s powerful Revenue […]

Louisiana Advanced Record-Breaking Number of Coastal Restoration Projects in 2020 Despite Challenges

December 15, 2020

In spite of this year’s many challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and seven storms impacting the state, coastal restoration remained a priority for Louisiana in 2020. According to the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), Louisiana advanced 112 coastal projects this year, including 49 projects in construction. “In a year of unprecedented challenges, our […]

Governor John Bel Edwards Signed Two Executive Orders to Combat Climate Change in Louisiana

August 19, 2020

Laying the groundwork for a sustained effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight coastal erosion in Louisiana, on Wednesday, August 19 Governor John Bel Edwards signed two executive orders into law. The first one, Executive Order JBE 2020-18, established Louisiana’s first Climate Initiatives Task Force. The task force will include representatives from the scientific […]

Oil and Gas Firm Becomes First to Reach Coastal Restoration Settlement; Critics Respond

September 27, 2019

According to a report from, Carmouche & Marcello, a Baton Rouge-based law firm representing Louisiana’s coastal parishes, reached a landmark settlement with the oil and gas firm Freeport McMoRan that is aimed at restoring damage to Louisiana’s coast. The mining giant agreed to pay a total of $100 million dollars in cash and environmental […]

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