Things to Do Special Edition: French Quarter Fun

August 3, 2018

We all complain how the French Quarter is nothing but drunken tourists and t-shirt shops, but a few, brand new, local businesses are working to change that. Despite our current reservations about the neighborhood, we trudge against the heat and the smell and the beers at every stop because the French Quarter is a symbol of New Orleans and still cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Coffee Culture Playing Poorly in New Orleans

August 1, 2018

Visit any of the Big Easy’s coffee shops and you’ll find a hub of activity: tourists looking for the coffee and beignets in the French Quarter, busy executives and employees in the CBD in for their morning pick-me-up, artists looking for inspiration in the afternoon, and of course, hospitality and service industry workers needing a jolt to get through their long day. New Orleans coffee shops are busier than ever. Unfortunately, the profits those shops make don’t always translate to better salaries for the hardworking shop employees.

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