Not Like Canada…Yet. A Roundtable

July 1, 2018

(The following article represents the opinion of the editorial board of  To call modern Louisiana a Conservative values state would be an understatement. Recently, we passed the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country and every now and then we continue to press schools into teaching regressive, anti-science curriculum. It can be daunting, having […]


July 1, 2018

“I spent years dealing with needle dens, and crack houses burning on my block, bike thieves, cleaning the hood—literally picking up needles—only to have some of those very places become STRs. I miss the junkies.” – David Roe, New Orleans resident As you can see, people have strong feelings about the proliferation of Airbnb. For […]

Charter Schools: Championed as Improving Schools in New Orleans But at What Cost to the Black Community?

July 1, 2018

In African-American neighborhoods of New Orleans, there is no question that schools anchor communities.  This is a no-doubt-about-it fact of NOLA life. Schools are the polling places during political season.  Schools are the festival grounds for celebrations.  Schools house the legacies of progress and pride for many generations of local residents!  Celebrities and powerful people […]

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