In the Pursuit of Environmental Justice: Then, Now, and Beyond

February 20, 2024

Today, let us pause and honor the indomitable spirit of Emelda Jones West, a revered figure hailing from Convent, Louisiana. Emelda was, above all, a devoted mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and community leader. Married to Melvin West in 1945, she was blessed with seven children: Yolanda, Harrison, Kevin Paul, Glenn, Charmaine, Sebastian, and Terrance. For […]

Let’s Set The Record Straight

March 17, 2023

It is with great concern that I must address the recent attacks on my character.  It has become abundantly clear that Voice of the Ex-Offender / Voters Organized to Educate (VOTE) does NOT advocate for redemption and support for formerly incarcerated individuals, as they claim. Instead of applauding the candidacy of a formerly incarcerated woman […]

Why Voters Organized Is Supporting Alonzo Knox for District 93, and Not a Formerly Incarcerated Candidate

March 16, 2023

Voters Organized is founded by people who have spent many years in prison. Our staff, alone, has over  300 years of prison experience, and our membership thousands more. For the last fourteen years, we have worked towards reducing the discrimination people face after convictions, increasing  opportunities, reducing recidivism, and building a stable society that sends […]

Mayor Cantrell, The Most Well-Traveled NOLA Leader

February 2, 2023

The good news is also the bad news in New Orleans. Unlike the usual American politician promising to bring us together simply as a political trope our mayor Latoya Cantrell seems to be doing just that. People of all persuasions in New Orleans are coming to a meeting of the minds over the recall effort. […]

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