Mayor Cantrell, The Most Well-Traveled NOLA Leader

February 2, 2023

The good news is also the bad news in New Orleans. Unlike the usual American politician promising to bring us together simply as a political trope our mayor Latoya Cantrell seems to be doing just that. People of all persuasions in New Orleans are coming to a meeting of the minds over the recall effort. […]

Top Ten Things to Do With Your Trash in New Orleans

September 20, 2021

  With the city in a continual state of crisis, from debatable evacuation planning to an inability to fulfill basic sanitation necessities, New Orleans has had a tough time. But we at Big Easy Magazine are here to help out the city and maybe the mayor, if she’s not too busy getting into bar brawls. […]

The Flight of the Free

August 3, 2021

Welcome aboard TWA Freedom Flight 669. Here at Trash Weasel Airlines, we aim to make this the free-est flight available. We live or die (just kidding, because we can!) by our company’s motto, “Freedom at any Cost.” Here at Trash Weasel Airlines, we encourage you to wear your masks, but we don’t require you to. […]

The Raso Report: Save a Cigarette, Smoke Some Broccoli

May 28, 2021

In a tense video that Big Easy Magazine is definitely not making up, Louisiana state Senator Karen Carter Peterson became annoyed when a man testifying regarding taxation compared nicotine in smokeless tobacco products to that of broccoli, which, it turns out, also has nicotine. Who knew? State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, that’s who. But she […]

The Raso Report: A Deep Dive Into Pothole Park

February 8, 2021

  Another day, another beautiful homegrown pothole in New Orleans. But unlike other potholes, this one is special. The Montegut Springs Unnatural Monument has sprung up, on the 1000th block of, where else, Montegut Street. Brought to you by the New Orleans Sinkhole and Water Board, and much admired by the local citizens, the Montegut […]

Snopes Introduces New “Diaper on Fire” Rating For Trump Tweets

May 30, 2020

Washington, DC – Venerated fact-checking website Snopes has added a new category for Donald Trump’s early morning Twitter tirades. This comes on the heels of Twitter finally growing just a wee bit of testicular fortitude, and hiding one of his posts that celebrated violence. Snopes will be reviewing each of his Tweets, and adding ratings […]

Tide Pod Trump Kills Satire: An Obituary

April 26, 2020

Our loving friend Satire passed away on April 23rd, 2020, when President Donald “Tide Pod” Trump raised the idea of shooting up Lysol, while inserting UV lamps rectally. Satire had a good run, what with helping put a mirror to civilization, and motivating people through humor, irony and shame to aim to improve themselves and […]

A Modest Proposal: A Plan to Reopen the Country

April 21, 2020

“Schools are a very appetizing opportunity. I just saw a nice piece in The Lancet arguing the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3%, in terms of total mortality”– Mehet Oz aka Dr. Oz It is a melancholy object to see the greatest economy that has ever existed in the history of […]

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