Separated AFTER Birth

June 20, 2018

Deep in the recesses of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website (and first entry in a google search) there exists an article on the trauma and damage that incarceration does to the mind. It’s from 2001, but the stated official results are still incredibly relevant to today’s prison industrial complex. How this […]


June 1, 2018

I was seventeen when I told my mom I wasn’t a girl. At that time, I knew other trans people only through accessorized tropes on TV, a few books, and of course, like a true millennial, I followed many trans folks on social media. I grew up in a small, Gulf Coast, beach town – […]


June 1, 2018

The impact of raids on adult entertainment clubs on Bourbon Street that happened just four months ago can be seen most deeply in the case of a couple clubs that closed permanently.  They are also still felt by the dancers and workers who have managed to remain. Dancers took to the streets with signs sporting […]

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