Operation Restoration Offers a Community of Support and Resources for Women Impacted by Incarceration

June 16, 2022

Operation Restoration is an organization that was founded in 2016 by Syrita Steib with the goal to build a community and support system for women impacted by incarceration through education. Through Operation Restoration (OR), women who were incarcerated can receive an education that will benefit them in the outside world. In addition, OR empowers these […]

A Fighting Strategy For Louisiana’s LGBTQ+ Movement

March 30, 2022

Last July, Louisiana House Representative C. Travis Johnson headed to Baton Rouge for an unprecedented veto override session. Because of unexpected pressure from below, he then made the biggest flip-flop of his career: backpedaling his own transphobia.  Despite being the state’s Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Johnson co-sponsored the transgender sports ban, which had passed the two-thirds […]

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